Underwater Stuntwoman Katrin Gray swims with crocodiles - Ian Gray Photography

Underwater Stuntwoman


Being an underwater stuntwoman is certainly not a very common job. Furthermore, most girls would actually dream of other careers than acting several metres under the surface in cold waters. But, what does the job of an underwater model actually include?



What does an underwater stuntwoman have to do?


Working as an underwater stuntwoman means you need to be properly trained and qualified in scuba diving and free diving. In addition, underwater stuntwomen need to be confident to work in cold and harsh environments. Currents and waves are something an underwater model is faced with on a regular basis. Besides, as an underwater stuntwoman, you might not always wear goggles or a mask which means you are almost blind while working underwater. If things go wrong, you must have complete trust in your team, because mistakes can be fatal in this job. Furthermore, an underwater stuntwoman must be able to look natural and act underwater even though you might be cold or the water stings in your eyes and nose.


Examples of underwater stunt work

Katrin Gray is an underwater stuntwoman and professional mermaid. The German model who moved to Australia in 2010, is featured in TV commercials, advertisement campaigns, magazines and movies. Whilst performing in front of underwater cameras, the Australian based underwater model is being filmed and photographed. The qualified freediver swam with marine life like for example dolphins, whales and sting rays. Besides, she also swam with different types of sharks, including tiger sharks and oceanic white tips. However, her most exciting underwater shoot was with saltwater crocodiles, the model said. Katrin Gray was “Miss Germany International” and additionally to her diving qualifications, she has a lot of experiences in acting in front of cameras.

In summary, working as an underwater stuntwoman is a hard job. However, if water is your element and you are willing to invest time and money into your underwater training and qualifications, you might be on the way to your dream job.