Mermaid Photo Gallery

This mermaid photo gallery showcases some of Mermaid Kat’s work above and underneath the surface. Be enchanted by her underwater photography, see international publications as a mermaid model and dive into the fund of mermaid events. In addition, feel free to check out Kat’s underwater fashion photos.

Mermaid Photos

Visit Mermaid Kat’s mermaid photo gallery and be fascinated by her magical and creative work. Kat is a professional mermaid, underwater model and scuba diver. The former “Miss Germany International” and “Queen of the World Germany” worked as an international mermaid model for several years. Before she turned into a mermaid, Kat worked as a fashion model for modelling agencies in several countries. For that reason, she has developed a great understanding on how to present herself in front of the camera. As a mermaid model, Kat has the ability to enchant her audience. This makes her a wonderful marketing tool for your photo and video projects and campaigns.

Underwater Mermaid Photo Gallery

The underwater mermaid photo gallery features some of Mermaid Kat’s underwater work. Kat is not only a fully trained scuba and free diving instructor, but also a technical diver and cave diver. The underwater stunt woman developed extraordinary underwater performance and modelling skills to depths up to 40 m under the surface. Therefore, the underwater model can perform for underwater productions, even when these are challenging. if you are looking for a mermaid, underwater model or underwater stunt woman, Kat is certainly the right person for your project.

Mermaid Performances

The event mermaid photo gallery shows some of Mermaid Kat’s highlights, performing as a mermaid entertainer. As a German passport holder and permanent resident of Australia, Kat is ready to travel worldwide to make your event unforgettable. Dry performances on land and underwater tank performances will add the extra bit of magic to your special occasion. Kat and her mermaid team have already performed at uncountable events across Europe, Asia and Australia. As a consequence, Kat and her mermaid pod know exactly what needs to be done to cast a magical spell over your customers. Check out: mermaids for hire

Mermaid Publications

This mermaid photo gallery shows some of Kat’s publications as a mermaid. Additionally to advertisement campaigns and magazine shoots, Kat has also been featured in music videos, TV commercials and movies. Below you can see a selection of previous advertisement campaigns that feature Mermaid Kat. Watch her videos here.

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