Top 10 Tips Before Purchasing a Mermaid Tail for Children

Mermaid tails especially for children have become very popular in the past few years. Almost every little girl dreams about turning into a princess, fairy or to become a mermaid. But what makes mermaid tails so special? Right! While fairy wings don’t make you fly you can actually swim with good quality mermaid tails. But before purchasing a mermaid tail for children there are a few things you should look out for. Is your child mermaid tail ready and which mermaid tails are actually safe to use in the water? Read our top 10 tips before purchasing a mermaid tail for children.

1 Swimming Mermaid Tail or Mermaid Costume?

If you want to purchase a mermaid tail for children you should ask yourself if you want a mermaid costume or tail for swimming. Mermaid costumes are made for all age groups and can be worn even by little children. An opposite are mermaid tails for swimming. These should only be used by older children who can swim and under supervision.


2 How old are your Children?

If your child is less than 8 years old there are plenty of mermaid outfits available to use on land. If your child is at least 8 years old and a good swimmer you might want to purchase a mermaid tail for swimming. Some shops might recommend mermaid tails for younger children but I think this is a high increase of risk. Even if your 5 or 6 year old can swim already, using a mermaid monofin in the water is exhausting and restricts the movement. Some things are worth waiting for.


3 Are your Children Mermaid Tail ready? 

If you want to purchase mermaid tails for children ask yourself if your kids are ready. Are your children at least 8 years old? Can they swim in deep water without any assistance for at least 250 m? Do they feel comfortable in water and can thy dive at least 2 m deep? Mermaiding isn’t as easy as it looks and with your legs tight together it’s hard to stay at the surface. Be aware that accidents can happen in the water. Wait until your child is ready before getting it into a mermaid tail.


4 Mermaiding is exhausting 

To be able to relax and control your breath also belongs into my top ten underwater modeling tips. If you understand that things work differently underwater you know what to do to control your body underwater. Sometimes you might need to exhale in order to be able to sink and stay underwater while being filmed or photographed. To learn how to relax and control your breathing I recommend you to get professional freediving training. Another tip additionally is to try yoga and yoga breathing.


5 Get a good Monofin 

Mermaiding is fun but also a full body workout. When purchasing a mermaid tail for children keep in mind that it is a proper sport. Give your children the time to train their way up. Let them start in shallow water, allow time for breaks and never be far away.

6 Check the Foot Pockets 

Make sure the mermaid monofin has two separate foot pockets with space between the feet. One foot pocket or two foot holes too close together can cause pain while swimming. The ankles should be separated from each other at all times.


7 Choose a Monofin with a Proper Fit 

To secure a proper fit make sure your monofin has two foot straps. Some fins only consist of one foot strap for both feet. In praxis they don’t really work and your child will slip out of the fin every few meters. Monofins that have foot holes made out of neoprene or similar to slip in are also not to recommend. It is easy to slip out of them and the holes wear out quickly. Another common problem of this design is that the feet lose the contact to the fin while swimming. This makes the swimming harder and increases the risks of accidents.


8 Mermaid Schools can Teach a Safe Use 

When you purchased a mermaid tail for children make sure they learn how to us if safely. If you can’t teach your children maybe a mermaid school nearby can help. If you are based in Germany check out Mermaid Kat Academy Germany.

9 Always Supervise Your Children

Make sure your children are never in the water without a buddy or supervisor. Accidents can happen easily with a mermaid tail and without.


10 Keep them in their Limits

When your children are swimming in their mermaid tails, keep them in their limits. Don’t let them swim where they wouldn’t swim without a mermaid tail.


If you want to purchase a good quality mermaid tail for children check out the Mermaid Kat Shop.