Underwater Model


Katrin Gray, professionally known as Mermaid Kat, works as an underwater model and underwater stunt woman. The scuba instructor poses in front of cameras in pools, tanks and open water. Mermaid Kat works for international underwater productions in depths up to 40 m under the surface. While she acts, poses and performs, she holds her breath for up to 3 ½ minutes. Mermaid Kat models underwater in chlorine, fresh and saltwater.

Training and Experiences


Mermaid Kat is a qualified Scuba and Freediving Instructor. She trained and worked in basically any water conditions, including strong currents, high waves, bad visibility and cold temperatures. The former “Miss Germany International” trained her way up and became a highly skilled underwater model. Her background as a fashion model, scuba instructor and freediving instructor, combined with hard training and years of practice helped her to develop invincible underwater modelling performance skills. Breath hold training and countless underwater stress test were part of her program to become a successful underwater model. Underwater, Kat works without any seeing devices such as masks, goggles or contact lenses. Almost blind she poses in front of the camera whilst she controls her hair, facial expressions, clothes and body perfectly.

International Publications


As an underwater model, Mermaid Kat was photographed for magazines like “Asian Bridal Magazine”, “Andaman 360”, “Thailand Professionals”, “Phuket Bulletin”, “El Gouna Magazine”, “SeaStar Magazine”, “Tauchen”, “Diver” and many more. The underwater model was photographed for CD covers, acts in music videos and features TV commercials. She has been a stunt double for actresses and was filmed for several movies and TV series.

Stunt Work

If required, Kat can indeed freedive to a depth of up to 25 m during underwater productions. As Kat is an experienced buddy breather at depth, underwater air supplies are possible and commonly used during her underwater modelling work. Kat poses and acts in underwater studios and open water. She models in shipwrecks, dances around reefs and certainly enjoys the company of marine life. For the purpose of bringing awareness to the massive slaughter of sharks for shark fin soup, Kat swam with wild Great Hammerhead Sharks and Tiger Sharks. Her most extreme underwater shoot was a shoot next to wild American Saltwater Crocodiles.

Underwater Fashion

Underwater Model – Publications

Underwater Videos

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