Contact Mermaid Kat

Mermaid Kat is based in Perth, Western Australia, at the moment and looking forward to appear on private and public events. For booking inquiries, to ask questions and for fan emails please contact Mermaid Kat through our booking form or send us an email at:

You can also contact Mermaid Kat through her social media:

Hire a Professional Mermaid

Open Ocean Shoots
Movies, TV and Film
Underwater Stunts
Fundraisers & Charities
School Educational Talks
Promotional Events & Premiers
Corporate & VIP Events
Trade Shows
Yacht and Sailboat Events
Beach and Pool Parties
On-Land Performances
Photo Booth at Parties
Weddings/ Receptions

Please note: As an environmentalist and ocean activist Mermaid Kat choses carefully which job offers she accepts. Kat doesn’t support facilities where animals are kept in captivity for no other reason than being objects of amusement to humans. She doesn’t accept offers that support or promote the hurting or killing of animals or destroying the environment.

Aquarium swims and similar jobs are possible if the event promotes a specific environmental cause, is hosted at a rehabilitation facility or the facility is generally involved with conservation programs.

Price quotes are given to the client per inquiry. Details such as location, set times, travel time, and services required will determine the total cost. Hotel and airfare must be paid for by client. Charity, school, fundraisers, environmental causes and other nonprofit companies may be eligible for discount services. Prices may vary depending on availability during high seasons and specific contract negotiations.

For any jobs overseas Mermaid Kat travels with her own personal assistant/ safety diver who’s expenses must be covered by the client.

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