Meet a Real Life Mermaid

Hello, I’m the real life mermaid, Katrin Gray, but you probably know me as “Mermaid Kat.” I’m a passionate adventurer with a deep love for underwater performances and a strong commitment to ocean conservation. Stay updated on my latest escapades as an underwater model, known for my captivating performances around the globe. Explore my mermaid photos and dive into the enchanting world of my underwater videos, where I swim alongside incredible sea creatures, including manta rays, dolphins, whales, crocodiles, and even tiger sharks. Join me for workshops, courses and retreats. Your own underwater adventure begins today!

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat

Real Life Mermaid in Perth

My world revolves around underwater wonder, specializing in captivating underwater fashion modeling and thrilling stunt work. I’ve had the pleasure of making a splash in numerous movies, TV commercials, and music videos.

In August 2012, I took a deep dive into a groundbreaking venture by founding the world’s very first public mermaid school – Mermaid Kat Academy. In addition to offering mermaid classes in Germany and Australia, I host exciting international retreats for fellow mermaids and mermen, creating a worldwide mer-community.

Based in the picturesque waters of Perth, Western Australia, I’m ready to make a splash wherever you need me. From local hire to national and international bookings, I’m all about bringing my real life mermaid magic to you. Let’s create waves together!

Perth mermaid Kat swimming with dugong at Mermaid Week Egypt
Posing as an underwater model with a silicone mermaid tail - Mermaid Kat
Underwater Fashion Model from Perth, Western Australia
Professional mermaid dancing with sting rays
Underwater model Mermaid Kat in red flower dress
Underwater Stuntwoman Katrin Gray swims with crocodiles - Ian Gray Photography
Real life mermaid for hire in Perth
Underwater fashion photography with model Katrin Gray in Perth
Professional underwater mermaid model Kat swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines
Underwater photo shoot with model and turtle, Perth
Underwater Stuntwoman and Mermaid from perth swims with sharks
Fashion model and underwater stuntwoman from Perth Australia - Photo by Ian Gray


I’ve been living the life of a real mermaid since 2012, and I’m thrilled to share my credentials, qualifications, and experiences as a professional mermaid and underwater model on this page. Dive into my underwater journey, and let’s explore the depths together!

Interview with a Mermaid - Perth Now

Mermaid Videos

You can enjoy the mesmerizing videos of me as a real life mermaid swimming alongside incredible creatures like manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, and even tiger sharks.

Fashion Model

I’m delighted to share that I’m not only a real life mermaid but also an experienced underwater model. You can check out some of my captivating underwater photos in my portfolio. These images showcase my love for the water and my commitment to creating mesmerizing underwater moments.

Katrin Gray is an Underwater Model


As a real life mermaid, I’ve had the privilege of being featured in international media, where they’ve reported on my work and projects. Explore a curated selection of the latest newspaper articles and TV interviews to discover more about my underwater adventures and mermaid life.

A mermaid on the news - Mermaid Kat from Perth makes waves in Asia

Courses, Workshops and Retreats

Are you ready to transform into a mermaid, merman or underwater model? I’m not only passionate about sharing my years of experience but also witnessing my students surpass themselves. Let yourself be inspired and enchanted as you immerse yourself in the world of water. Join me for an underwater model workshop, dance beneath the waves, embrace your inner mermaid or accompany me on an international adventure. The ocean is calling, and the magic of the deep awaits you!

Underwater Dance Workshop Perth

Underwater Dance Workshop

The Meditative Underwater Dance Workshop is a course designed for anyone curious about the art of underwater performance dance. Not only does this workshop provide valuable insights into underwater dance, but it’s also a remarkable opportunity to conquer any water-related fears. This course is an inclusive journey, welcoming total beginners and seasoned professionals alike. It’s a chance to find solace and tranquility in the embrace of water, relaxing both body and soul.

Mermaid Kat and Mermaid Vlogs by Justin Lutsky - Underwater Shoot in Belize

International Merfolk Retreats

Mermaid Weeks are your passport to international vacation trips tailor-made for mermaids and mermen. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your journey or a seasoned pro – these tours are designed to offer the ultimate adventure to all. Explore, learn and embrace the enchantment of the underwater world with like-minded souls who share your passion. Join us for an unforgettable experience that’s perfectly suited to both beginners and experts in the art of mermaiding. Dive into the magic and create memories to last a lifetime!

Mermaid Breath Hold Workshop

In my Mermaid Breath Hold Workshop, you’ll dive into a world of relaxation and breathing techniques designed to extend your breath-holding abilities. Prepare to be amazed as you discover just how long you can gracefully pause your breath. Join me to unlock the secrets of breath control and enhance your underwater experience, whether you’re a seasoned mermaid or new to the art. Unleash the mermaid within and explore the depths with newfound confidence and control.

Real life mermaid model from Perth

Underwater Modelling Workshop

The Underwater Modelling Workshop is the perfect introduction to striking a pose in front of the underwater camera. Not only will you master the art of underwater modelling, but you’ll also have the opportunity to enhance your portfolio with stunning underwater photos. Join me and I’ll personally share my wealth of experience, guiding you through each step of this enchanting underwater journey. Unleash your inner model and capture the magic beneath the waves. Your portfolio is about to get a splash of extraordinary.

Underwater Modelling workshop with Mermaid Kat in Perth

Facts about this Real Life Mermaid

Thanks to my passion and training in modelling, scuba diving and free diving, I’ve had the incredible journey of becoming an internationally successful mermaid and underwater stunt model. Beyond the silver screen, I bring my magic to music videos and captivating photo campaigns. Additionally, I have a knack for public speaking and can confidently grace stages and interviews, both in my mother tongue, German, and fluent English. But there’s more! I love to make a splash at events, showcasing my skills as an underwater mermaid performer. The underwater world is my playground and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

Professional Mermaid Kat swimming with wild hammerhead shark
Mermaid Photo Shoot - Mermaid Kat in her Silicone Mermaid Tail
Cave diver and underwater stunt woman Katrin Gray

Travelling Worldwide

As a German passport holder and a permanent resident of Australia, I’m all set to embark on international adventures for underwater productions, projects and campaigns around the world. The beauty of the underwater realm knows no borders and I’m ready to dive in, creating captivating moments wherever the tides may take me. My Mermaid Weeks are international retreats created exclusively for fellow merpeople. Join me in stunning locations for an unforgettable journey.

Mermaid Tails & Fins for Sale

In April 2013, I took the plunge and opened the doors to the Mermaid Kat Shop, my very own online mermaid haven. Here, my dedicated team and I craft and offer professional, highly functional mermaid tails designed for both children and adults. It’s a place where the dream of becoming a mermaid comes true, allowing people of all ages to experience the enchantment of the sea. Explore our collection and dive into the world of mermaiding!

Qualifications & Training

I’m not just a mermaid – I’m also a fully trained Scuba Diving and Free Diving Instructor. Additionally, I hold TDI certification as an Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures Tech Diver, as well as IANTD certification as an Intro to Caves Diver.  Moreover, I’m honored to serve as a Mermaid Instructor Trainer at the Mermaid Kat Academy, where I get to share my passion and knowledge with aspiring mermaids and mermen.

Real Life Mermaid Retreats

Imagine setting off to new, breathtaking destinations, surrounded by like-minded souls, learning new skills and refining your existing ones. It’s all about connecting with nature, diving into enchanting underwater photo shoots and enhancing your portfolio. Now, envision having all of this meticulously organized for you. It sounds like a “mermazing” dream come true, right? That’s precisely why we introduced “Mermaid Week.” Join us for an unforgettable underwater escapade in dream locations such as the Maldives, French Polynesia, Mexico, Thailand or Egypt. And yes, mermen are more than welcome to dive into this adventure with us!

Learn more about this extraordinary experience right here. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make mermaid history!

Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico

Retreat and Mermaid School Mexico (March 2025)

This Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico will surely create unforgettable memories! Prepare for an unforgettable journey.This immersive retreat promises a fantastic and extraordinary adventure for all participants. Immerse yourself in vibrant mermaid tails and connect with fellow mermaids and mermen from across the globe. Our program offers the perfect blend of exhilarating activities and …

Retreat and Mermaid School Mexico (March 2025) Read More »

MerPeople Retreat and Mermaid School Maldives (September 2025)

MerPeople Retreat Maldives (September 2025)

MerPeople Retreat Maldives invites all mermaids, mermen and other water enthusiasts to to join us for an unforgettable and magical vacation. This trip is an adventure holiday with unforgettable experiences, hands-on workshops and photo shoots. Our Mermaid Weeks were created to give your inner child the opportunity to heal, play and go crazy in the …

MerPeople Retreat Maldives (September 2025) Read More »

Retreat and Mermaid School Egypt (September 2024)

Retreat and Mermaid School Egypt (September 2024)

This Retreat and Mermaid School is not only an adventurous trip to Egypt, but you can also share it with like-minded water lovers. Adventures await you here, such as swimming in mermaid tails and special training workshops on modelling and posing in front of the underwater camera. You will also learn special relaxation and breathing …

Retreat and Mermaid School Egypt (September 2024) Read More »

Underwater Modelling Workshop and Dance Retreat

Underwater Modelling Workshop and Dance Retreat Egypt (September 2024)

This Underwater Modelling Workshop and Dance Retreat will not only help you come home with beautiful underwater photos, but also includes an underwater dance class. Special training workshops for modelling and posing in front of the underwater camera await you here. You will also learn special relaxation and breathing techniques that allow you to hold …

Underwater Modelling Workshop and Dance Retreat Egypt (September 2024) Read More »

Merfolk Retreat - Vacation for Mermaids and Mermen in Thailand

Merfolk Retreat with Underwater Photo Shoots, Thailand (April/ May 2024)

This Merfolk Retreat will give you a chance to remember and connect with your inner child. During this unique experience you have the opportunity to set fear aside and act from faith and joy. Special training workshops for mermaid swimming, modelling and posing in front of the underwater camera await you here. You will also …

Merfolk Retreat with Underwater Photo Shoots, Thailand (April/ May 2024) Read More »

Mermaid holidays for merfolk

Mermaid Holiday and Underwater Modelling Workshop – Mermaid Week Egypt (September 2023)

This Mermaid Holiday and Underwater Modelling Workshop is not only the ultimate trip for mermaids and merman, but also for all other water enthusiasts. Adventure awaits you here, such as swimming in mermaid tails, underwater photo shoots, workshops on holding your breath and boat trips. You also have a high chance of swimming with marine …

Mermaid Holiday and Underwater Modelling Workshop – Mermaid Week Egypt (September 2023) Read More »

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Located in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia, I’m excited to make a splash at private and public events. I’m more than ready to embark on underwater adventures with you, not only across Australia but also worldwide. Additionally, I have a talented team of professionally trained mermaids and underwater performers available for hire.

If you have any questions, our FAQs section may provide the answers you’re looking for.

For booking inquiries or to send your fan emails, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at Let’s bring the magic of the sea to your event!

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Mermaid Entertainment in Europe with Mermaid Kat
Professional Mermaid Kat performs in underwater tank
Real life mermaids to hire for events in Europe

Features MERchandise

Cotton Tote Bag with mermaid picture
Case with Mermaid Photo of Mermaid Kat
Swimmable mermaid tails for sale
Mermaid Keychain - Mermaid Kat

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