Who is Mermaid Kat?

Hey there! I’m Mermaid Kat, your friendly neighborhood mermaid, mermaid instructor, and underwater stuntwoman. Proudly, I call Perth, Western Australia, my home base after relocating from Germany. I cherish nothing more than delving into the depths of the ocean, swimming alongside dolphins, turtles, whales, manta rays, and even sharks, while spreading awareness about our beautiful marine world wherever I venture.

As a professional mermaid, I’ve had incredible opportunities to feature in numerous movies, TV commercials, and advertising projects, bringing the magic of the sea to screens big and small. Join me on this amazing journey as we explore the wonders of the ocean together!

Everything started with a Dream!

Ever since I was a little 5-year-old, entranced by Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” I’ve been captivated by the idea of becoming a mermaid myself. Picture little me, sitting cross-legged for hours, wishing upon stars for my legs to transform into a shimmering tail!

Little did I know that years later, after my adventures as “Miss Germany International 2006” and becoming a scuba diving instructor, I’d turn my childhood dream into a reality. With determination and a touch of magic, I honed my freediving skills and crafted my very first mermaid tail. And just like that, “Mermaid Kat” came to life in May 2012!

Today, I can hold my breath for almost 4 minutes when I’m completely relaxed. Furthermore, I glide gracefully down to depths of 25 meters/ 80 feet, all while wearing my enchanting mermaid tail. My years as an international fashion model have only added to my underwater prowess, allowing me to effortlessly master the art of underwater modeling.

So come, dive into the depths with me, and let’s make waves together in this extraordinary underwater realm!

Professional mermaid dancing with sting rays
Underwater Stuntwoman Katrin Gray swims with crocodiles - Ian Gray Photography
Mermaid dances with sharks - Photo by Ian Gray
Professional Mermaid Kat swimming with wild hammerhead shark
Professional underwater mermaid model Kat swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines
Mermaid getaway and portfolio workshop

Underwater Model and Professional Mermaid

Through my experiences in fashion modeling and scuba diving instruction, I’ve found a deep connection to the underwater realm. This has led me to become an underwater model recognized internationally. From ads to magazines and even music videos, I’ve had some incredible opportunities to share my passion.

But what really fuels me is my love for animals and the environment. That’s why I’ve embraced my mermaid side to raise awareness about our oceans’ fragility. I believe that by sharing their beauty, we can inspire others to protect them.

When I’m working, you’ll often find me swimming alongside amazing sea creatures like dolphins, rays, and even sharks. It’s a humbling experience that reminds me of the magic within our oceans. Feel free to check out my videos to be a part of the underwater magic.

Mermaid Academy and Professional Mermaid Tails

Back in August 2012, I took a leap of faith and opened the world’s very first public mermaid school – welcome to Mermaid Kat Academy! It’s been an incredible adventure since then.

I’ve had the joy of training others and bringing out the inner mermaid or merman in them. My very first mermaid workshop even made waves on national German TV with the show “Auf und Davon” joining us! From Thailand to Australia, Germany to Egypt, and many magical places in between, we’ve held workshops and spread mermaid magic across the globe.

Our main headquarters is located in Germany, yet we transcend borders. We also operate a branch in Australia. Additionally, we delight in organizing international mermaid retreats where merfolk from around the globe gather to explore the captivating world beneath the waves.

And in April 2013, we opened the doors to the Mermaid Kat Shop – your go-to spot for all things mermaid! Here, you’ll find everything you need to embrace your aquatic dreams, from beginner’s tails to stunning professional silicone tails.

So, whether you’re just starting your mermaid journey or you’re a seasoned underwater adventurer, come on in and let’s make some waves together!

Mermaid Camp and Underwater Modelling Retreat - Mermaid Week Egypt 2022 with Mermaid Kat
Merfolk Retreat with Photo Shoots, Thailand
MerFolk Retreat - The Dream for MerPeople
Mermaid Week Maldives with Mermaid Kat
Mermaid Tails for sale from Mermaid Kat Shop
Mermaid School and MerFolk Retreat Mexico