Mermaid Kat loves nature and the creatures sharing this wonderful planet with us. As an environmentalist Kat uses her mermaid personality to educate the public about the beauty of the oceans and hopes that more people will start to protect them. See the world through the eyes of a mermaid and help to protect it before it’s too late.

A Little Girl Dreames of a Better World

Ever since Mermaid Kat was a little girl she cared for nature, the environment and animals. Even though her parents forbid Kat to go into the forest alone, she went in there almost every day. She climbed trees, build gang-huts and searched for injured animals, that would need her help. Kat dreamed about a life like a native Indian in harmony with nature. She was still young, but she realised that humans were on the best way to destroy our beautiful planet. Tons of garbage in the woods and countless trees that were cut down, broke her heart. 

Kat was always surrounded by animals that she found outside and fed up. She built up a connection with them and enjoyed their company more than the company of most humans. Kat realised how terrible animals get treated and killed at meat farms. This was against her ethical believes. Therefore she decided to become a vegetarian. 

When Kat got older she started to be more active as an environmentalist. She got involved in bigger projects to safe animals and our environment. In 2006 she was one of the founders of the German shark saving organization “SharkChance”.

After Kat turned into a mermaid, she started using her mermaid personality to  create awareness for our oceans. To fights against marine parks with captive dolphins, wich cause the bloody slaughter of around 20,000 dolphins yearly during their selection process, Kat swam with wild dolphins in the Red Sea. The video shows the beautiful interaction between the mermaid and wild dolphins in their natural habitats. Visiting dolphins in captivity rips families apart, causes pain, illnesses and even suicide of these beautiful water mammals. If you want to see dolphins, visit them in their natural habitats. For more information please watch the documentary “The Cove”.

A Mermaid on a Mission - Kat turns into an Environmentalist

Kat swam in the shark tank of “Underwater World Pattaya” in Thailand to support the campaign “Swim for Sharks”. She also performed at “Aquaria KLCC” in Kuala Lumpur to support the anti shark finning campaign “Save our Fins”. In April 2014 Kat organized a Project AWARE Finathon, where she and the finalists of the “Miss Scuba UK” Pageant swam in mermaid tails and raised money to protect sharks. To stop people from eating shark fin soup, which causes the brutal slaughter of about 100 Million sharks yearly, Mermaid Kat supported the Ocean Geographic’s campaign “Facing Grace”. For this project Kat swam with wild hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks. She wanted to demonstrate that sharks are wonderful creatures and no man-eating monsters, as Hollywood promotes them. Mermaid Kat was the first person in the world who swam with hammerhead and tiger sharks whilst wearing a mermaid tail and without any seeing devices such as a mask or contact lenses.

To create educate about the plastic patch in the Pacific Ocean, that is about twice the size of Texas, Mermaid Kat organised and supported countless events and campaigns. “Phuket Dives Against Debris” in Thailand, “Cleaning Day with Mermaids and Divers” in the Philippines and the Sea Shepherd “Marine Debris Campaign” in Australia are just a few of many more. The environmentalist supported an event in Germany where people got a reusable carry bag in return of a plastic bag, to make people more conscience about the danger of single use plastics.

Everyone can be an Ocean Ambassador

Every single person can turn into an environmentalist easily. Please help to save this wonderful world we live in. Help with little things such as living after the principal “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Avoid single use plastics such as plastic bags, straws and take away cups. Reuse the plastics you can’t avoid as often as possible and then recycle them properly. Don’t leave cigarette butts at the beach or anywhere else where they can find their way into the environment. Reduce your consume of fish and educate yourself to make sure the fish you eat is not threatened by extinction and caught in a way that changes the stability of our fragile seas. Save water and electricity and share these information with as many others as possible.

To educate yourself more, please watch documentaries like “The Cove”, “Blackfish”, ‘Sharkwater” and “Earthlings”.

Become an environmentalist today – We only have one world to live in.

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