Mermaid Vacation – Retreat for Mermaids and Mermaid School

Mermaid Vacation – Retreat for Mermaids and Mermen

Join us for a transformational mermaid vacation in paradise! Creating a retreat like no other, we combined the elements of our greatest passions of mermaiding, underwater modelling, photography and wellbeing together. Furthermore, you can connect with like minded people, learn about the ocean and have unforgettable underwater adventures. You might even have encounters with marine life such as turtles, manatees and dolphins. Joining us on a mermaid vacation will be the adventure of your mermaid life!


Mermaid Camp - Mermaid Retreat and Mermaid School


What to expect during this Mermaid Retreat?

Our number one priority during this mermaid workshop is for everyone to have an unforgettable magical experience. We will offer several teaching sessions throughout the weeks such as mermaid school and underwater modelling training. In addition, we will teach breath holding techniques and guide you into deep relaxation. Furthermore, Mermaid Kat will share her experiences from working as an underwater stunt woman and encounters with marine life such as sharks and crocodiles.

Although we will spend plenty of time in the water, we will also have activities on land. During our mermaid photoshoots for example, you can build up your mermaid portfolio. All aspects of this retreat were designed to nourish your body, mind and soul. Join and experience the magic!


Mermaid Fun Vacation - Mermaid Retreats with Mermaid Kat


Who is this Mermaid Vacation for?

Everyone is invited to join us for a special mermaid vacation in paradise. Mermaids, mermen and those who haven’t grow their tails yet are more than welcome to join us for our mermaid retreats. Furthermore, we invite mer-handlers and partners to join us too. There is no prior training in freediving, mermaiding, scuba diving or underwater modelling required. As long as you love being in the water and know how to swim, you are more than welcome to come with us. Underaged participants must be accomplished by a parent.

Mermaid Vacation – Retreat for Mermaids


Mermaid Photography and Underwater Shoots

We know that many mermaids and mermen are constantly looking to enhance their portfolio. For this reason, we will offer plenty of photo shoot opportunities throughout our mermaid vacations. Accordingly, we work with renowned underwater photographers such as Ian Gray and Konstantin Killer. They will be photographing the retreat, so you’ll be sure to take home plenty evidence of your tropical mermaid transformation! There will be plenty of opportunity to take mermaid photos above and underwater. On the other hand, you also have the option to bring costumes and dresses to extend your photo portfolio.


Mermaid Camp and Underwater Modelling Retreat - Mermaid Week Egypt (17-24 September 2022)


What’s included in this Mermaid Retreat?

The price of the ticket includes all mermaid activities, photoshoots, hotel, transportation, and all of your meals, everything except your international airfare. Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot now!


Mermaid Vacation – Retreat for Mermaids and Mermen - Mermaid Workshop


When and where is the next Mermaid Vacation?

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