Fun Mermaid Facts for you

Fun Mermaid Facts You Might Not Know


Even though NOAA says “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found” we still believe that there is a chance a form of mermaid exists out there.  The number of mermaid sightings throughout history is hard to deny! Here are some fun “facts” about mermaids you might not know! 



We drive sailors crazy with our beauty and just can’t help it! Maybe we used this tactic so we could more easily prey on the human race. Or… Maybe living in the water makes us naturally look like this! 



Because we are water deities, we get our powers from being close to water, and have powers over the elements. Depending on our mood, we can bless a nearby town with clean water, or do the opposite and really cause havoc.  Immortality, hypnosis, telepathy, and seduction are also powers that a mermaid can possess, depending on which type of mermaid you are. 



Fun Mermaid Facts You Might Not KnowTYPES OF MERMAIDS

There are 4 main groups of mermaids out there.  Traditional mermaids like Oceanids live in the oceans or big open water areas, Selkies are found near the UK and Ireland who shed their mermaid tails and have legs to walk around on land, Shape Shifters are known around the world and can transform into a human form whenever they like, and last are the Merfolk who mainly live on land but often travel to the sea in order to recharge their water spirits.

Would you like to know what type of mermaid you are? Take this quiz!





One kiss is all it takes! Our kiss has the ability to give you gills so you can breathe underwater. It could also be the secret fountain of youth or provide you powers to heal other people. If you had the chance, would you kiss a mermaid? 



We can’t help ourselves from being a little curious when humans come around! Some say, falling in love will cure us of our tails so we can have legs forever. Not thanks! If you do by chance to fall in love with a mermaid, your luck has changed forever. We are great companions and often provide lifelong luck and cater to your ever wish.

Even though these “facts” were taken from legends, they could still possibly be true. You tell us what you think!

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Thank you Molly for this great article 🙂

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat


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