Sponsors of Mermaid Kat

Because of Katrin Gray’s public exposure sponsors are always very happy to support her and her projects. In return for posts on social media, blog reviews and photos several sponsors from different industries are happy to provide her with their products. Here you can find a list of Mermaid Kat’s sponsors.

Yoga Tree Perth Logo

Jo Harvey & Robbie Hamilton are the studio owners/directors of the Yoga Tree Perth. They are infinitely proud of the beautiful place they have created in the Northern suburbs of Perth. The Yoga Tree Perth offers Yin and Hot yoga classes as well as special yoga, mediation and flexibility workshops. Katrin Gray enjoys her yoga practice with the Yoga Tree. Yoga poses and breathing go hand in hand with freediving and mermaidng.


Sambadrome is home of the largest range of Brazilian Samba Costumes and Dance Outfits in Australia. They proudly provide samba outfits for Katrin Gray which she wears during her worldwide underwater modelling shoots.

Artiste Logo

Artiste Face & Lips supplies Mermaid Kat regularly with their newest cosmetic products. As a mermaid and underwater model, Kat needs make up that is waterproof and will stay on even in chlorine, salt and sun. The make up from Artiste Face & Lips is waterproof, smudge proof, lead and wax free, not tested on animals, vegan and made in USA.


Waterworld is an Austrian Dive Travel Agent that is specialised in liveaboards and luxury hideaways. Waterworld sponsors Mermaid Kat regularly to go on special trips for her underwater photo shoots. In April 2016 Kat join a beautiful liveaboard trip to Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. The next trips to the Maldives are planed for the comping years.


Mares is one of the leading manufactures of scuba, freediving and snorkelling equipment. Mares provides scuba and freediving equipment for Katrin Gray. From snorkelling equipment for warm water up to the dry suit for cold water dives – Mares supplies Kat with the full range of their best equipment.

luxeink logo

Every mermaid knows this problem: how to find the right waterproof make up? Luxe Ink sponsors kat with their special eyebrow feathering technique.¬†Aurelien is an artist from France with a passion for detailed quality work. Kat’s semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo makes it much easier to prepare herself for her underwater modelling shoots.

Would you like to become a Sponsor?

Katrin Gray is constantly travelling for her jobs and underwater adventures. She is always happy about the support from her sponsors who get great exposure, reviews and high quality photos in return. Are you interested in sponsoring Mermaid Kat? Kat is still looking for sponsors in the following fields:

Hairdressing, Hair Care Products, Hair Extensions, Wigs, ect.

Fashion Industry, Designers, Customs, Outfits, Accessories etc.

Swimwear, Swimming Equipment, etc.

Beauty Treatments such as Teeth whitening, Skin Treatments, Hair Treatments, etc.

Beauty Products such as Make Up, Skin and Hair Care, etc.

Photography/ Underwater photography equipment

Travel Agents, Liveaboard Operators, Dive Centers, Air Lines etc. for Mermaid Projects

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Mermaid Kat please contact us via email: info@mermaidkat.com

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