Partner and Sponsors of Mermaid Kat

Katrin Gray’s unique projects, creativity and engagement within our ocean environment attract public and media exposure globally.  International sponsors and partners gain high exposure from TV, press, social media, blog reviews and photos. Here you can find a list of Mermaid Kat’s recent partner and sponsors.

Shark Project

SHARKPROJECT is an organisation dedicated to the protection of sharks. Sharks keep ocean ecosystems in balance. As we need the oceans to produce the Oxygen we breathe, sharks are essential to our survival on Earth. Every year about 150-200 Million sharks are killed.  Sharks are endangered as an exclusive result of human impacts and activities. Today, the main shark threats include commercial shark finning and entanglement in commercial fishing gear. Mermaid Kat loves sharks and supports SHARKPROJECT’s campaigns to create more shark awareness around the globe.

Mermaid Kat Shop manufactures highly functional mermaid tails for children and adults. Additionally to spandex tails you can also purchase handmade and unique silicone mermaid tails. Mermaid Kat uses mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop during her international mermaid adventures and underwater stunt work. This equipment was specifically developed for free diving and advanced mermaiding. It allows the professional mermaid to keep up with marine life such as wild dolphins, tiger sharks and whales.

Ringana is Mermaid Kat’s partner in regards to natural body care. The Ringana products consists of fresh active ingredients from nature. The protection of resources and the safeguarding of an environment worth living in are the top priority with Ringana. They always act in an environmentally-friendly and ethical manner: that begins with the purchasing of raw materials and continues through vegan production without animal testing and up to their packaging return concept and plastic free packaging.

Mermaid Straw is a mission based organization focused on the reduction of single use plastics through offering fun & stylish reusable alternatives, community action, and education. Mermaid Straw is a team of animal, nature, and water lovers. They are dedicated to cleaning our planet and caring for the world around us. The heart of this company is their mission. Cleanups, education, philanthropy, and volunteering are who they are, at their core. Use the following discount code: mermaid_kat

The Maldives are a scuba diver’s dream destination and holiday paradise, boasting picture-perfect islands and crystal-clear waters teaming with exotic, colorful marine life. Scubaspa’s award-winning, luxury vessels offering exceptional scuba diving, impressive onboard spa, creative gourmet cuisine, yoga activities, stunning itineraries and outstanding service. Mermaid Kat and ScubaSpa are working together on exciting projects, where mermaids and underwater models are invited to. Check out the upcoming Mermaid Weeks.

Werner Lau operates diving centers in Bali, the Maldives, Egypt, Cyprus and Fuerteventura. He also runs a safari boat in the Maldives and hotels in Bali and Egypt. Whether wreck diving, drift diving, diving with manta rays or whale sharks – with Werner Lau every water lover gets his money’s worth. In addition, both beginners and experienced divers can complete their first diving license here or continue their diving training. Together with Werner Lau, Mermaid Kat is offering a Mermaid Week in Bali (April 2021). Check out the upcoming Mermaid Weeks.

Since January 2017 Mermaid Kat and Dream Cruises work together closely. Several times per year the professional mermaid entertains guest onboard the luxury cruise ships Genting Dream, World Dream and Explorer Dream. During her enrichment talks the underwater model creates awareness for our oceans and guests can turn into mermaids and mermen during her mermaid classes on board. Mermaid Kat and former NASA Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao became the official signature characters of the Asian cruise company.

Did you know that the meat industry has serious repercussions for our soil, air and especially water? It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, while producing 1 pound of tofu only requires 244 gallons of water. Runoff from factory farms and livestock grazing is one of the leading causes of pollution in our rivers and lakes. The EPA notes that bacteria and viruses can be carried by the runoff and that groundwater can be contaminated. With a plant based diet, one person can save approximately 219,000 gallons of water a year and actively support the protection of our waters. Veganz has developed more than 160 plant-based products including sweets, snacks, essentials, functional foods and alternatives to meat, fish, and cheese, as well as frozen foods like ready-made pizza. Mermaid Kat enjoys the large variety of plant based food in sustainable packaging. Always remember – Mermaids are friends, no food 😉

Koox Diving is the Mermaid Kat’s “swim to” dive company in Mexico. Their experienced diving instructors have supported Mermaid Kat during several underwater shoots in the outstanding cenotes and underwater caves around Tulum. In May 2019 Mermaid Kat continued her dive training and became a certified IANTD “Introductory Cave Diver” after her course with the experienced cave instructors of Koox Diving. Mermaid Kat is looking forward to many more underwater adventures with Koox Diving in Mexico.

There are many initiatives to save the oceans. Each one of them moves something. However, we can achieve much more if we bundle up the existing forces into one strong voice. This is the goal of the German Sea Foundation. The German Ocean Foundation creates synergies of knowledge and acting by involving science, economy, politics and society. Mermaid Kat is a proud supporter and ambassador of the German Sea Foundation.

Mermaid Protector is an innovative multifunction watersport fashion brand for women. Their multifunctional, intelligent and multisport clothing is environmentally friendly and comes in many different colours and designs. They are odour and itch resistent as well as lightweight and neutrally buoyant. Whenever Mermaid Kat is out of her tail, she loves to use her scale printed Mermaid Protector suit.

Ian Gray Photography Logo

Ian Gray is not just Mermaid Kat’s husband but also an award winning underwater photographer. Additionally, Ian is an experienced dive master. Together Ian and Kat are a perfect team and create outstanding underwater images. Furthermore, they offer mermaid workshops and underwater photo shoots during their mermaid retreats in tropical locations around the world.

Would you like to become a Sponsor?

Mermaid Kat is constantly working on projects and discovering new underwater adventures. She is always aware and highly appreciative of the support from her sponsors, who in turn receive great exposure, reviews and high quality photos for their ongoing support. Are you interested in sponsoring Mermaid Kat? Kat is still looking for sponsors in the following fields:

  • Hairdressing, Hair Care Products, Hair Extensions, Wigs
  • Fashion Industry, Designers, Customs, Outfits, Accessories
  • Swimwear, Swimming Equipment
  • Beauty Treatments such as Skin Treatments, Hair Treatments
  • Beauty products such as waterproof Make Up, Skin and Hair Care
  • Photography/ Underwater photography equipment
  • Travel Agents, Liveaboard Operators, Dive Centers, Air Lines, Resorts

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