Partners and Sponsors of Mermaid Kat

My unique projects, creativity, and engagement within our ocean environment have garnered public and media exposure globally. International sponsors and partners benefit from high exposure through TV, press, social media, blog reviews, photos and videos.. Here, you can find a list of my recent partners and sponsors.

MerPeople - Professional Mermaids for Hire in Perth

MerPeople Australia is a mermaid agency that hires out professional mermaids and mermen. Furthermore, MerPeople offers mermaid training such as mermaid courses and workshops. The company is based in Perth but you can hire mermaids for events worldwide. At MerPeople you can book mermaids for birthday parties, public events and shows. You can also book your own photo shoot and turn into a MerPerson yourself.

Mermaid Kat Shop manufactures highly functional mermaid tails for children and adults. Additionally to spandex tails you can also purchase handmade and unique silicone mermaid tails. Mermaid Kat uses mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop during her international mermaid adventures and underwater stunt work. This equipment was specifically developed for free diving and advanced mermaiding. It allows the professional mermaid to keep up with marine life such as wild dolphins, tiger sharks and whales.

SCUBAPRO is the world’s most iconic brand of dive equipment, built by and for those whose passion is found below the water’s surface. The company’s products blend advanced technologies with intuitive, sophisticated designs, allowing divers to focus on their dive experience, not their gear. As a scuba diving instructor, freediver, technical diver and cave diver, Mermaid Kat relies on high quality scuba equipment. With SCUBAPRO she found the perfect partner for her underwater adventures out of her mermaid tail.

Ian Gray Photography Logo

There are many initiatives to save the oceans. Each one of them moves something. However, we can achieve much more if we bundle up the existing forces into one strong voice. This is the goal of the German Sea Foundation. The German Ocean Foundation creates synergies of knowledge and acting by involving science, economy, politics and society. Mermaid Kat is a proud supporter and ambassador of the German Sea Foundation.

Mermaid Protector is an innovative multifunction watersport fashion brand for women. Their multifunctional, intelligent and multisport clothing is environmentally friendly and comes in many different colours and designs. They are odour and itch resistent as well as lightweight and neutrally buoyant. Whenever Mermaid Kat is out of her tail, she loves to use her scale printed Mermaid Protector suit.

Ian Gray is not just Mermaid Kat’s husband but also an award winning underwater photographer. Additionally, Ian is an experienced dive master. Together Ian and Kat are a perfect team and create outstanding underwater images. Furthermore, they offer mermaid workshops and underwater photo shoots during their mermaid retreats in tropical locations around the world.

Would you like to become a Partner or Sponsor?

I am constantly working on new projects and discovering thrilling underwater adventures. I deeply appreciate the support from my sponsors, which is crucial to my journey. In return, my sponsors and partners gain significant exposure, reviews, and high-quality images thanks to their ongoing support. Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? I am currently seeking partners in various fields, including:

  • Hairdressing, Hair Care Products, Hair Extensions, Wigs
  • Fashion Industry, Designers, Costumes, Outfits, Accessories
  • Swimwear, Swimming Equipment
  • Beauty Treatments, such as Skin Treatments, Hair Treatments
  • Beauty Products, including waterproof Makeup, Skin and Hair Care
  • Photography/Underwater Photography Equipment
  • Travel Agents, Liveaboard Operators, Dive Centers, Airlines, Resorts

Download our different Sponsorship Packages here: Sponsoring Packages Mermaid Kat

If you’re interested in sponsoring me, please send an email with your company profile/product to

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