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Before Mermaid Kat turned into a Professional Mermaid, she worked as an International Fashion Model

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Before Mermaid Kat became a professional mermaid she worked as an international fashion model. Her modeling career started in 2006 when she entered a German beauty pageant just for fun. Without any training or major preparation she immediately qualified for the next higher round, the “Miss Lower Saxony” competition, which she won. The same weekend Kat went to the finals of another beauty pageant. This was the first time the wedding industry looked for a model couple who would represent the wedding industry for one year. Out of 6000 applicants Kat won this competition with 11 votes out of 12 and became Germany’s first “Bridal Model 2006”. The male winner in this pageant was Puyan Zamakhan and Puyan and Kat went to many different modeling jobs, representing the wedding industry for the following year. Two months later Kat found herself in the Miss Camp in Turkey as a preparation for the final stage show of the “Miss Germany” competition.

Compared to all the other finalists Kat didn’t have any experience in how to use make up or how to style her hair properly. Luckily her roommate “Miss North Rhine-Westphalia” was so kind and taught Kat a few tricks and let her borrow some of her make up. The whole week of preparation for the show was a completely new world for Kat. Kat has been on the stage as a dancer since she was little but usually she spend her free time outdoors, hunting one adventure after the other and didn’t care about broken fingernails, bruises or cuts. Now suddenly she entered a new world surrounded by princesses. Kat enjoyed this new world even though she never felt like she belonged there.

At the final stage show Kat was crowned as “Miss Germany International 2006” and qualified for the “Miss International” pageant in Tokyo. Unfortunately Kat never went to the Miss International Competition but her title of “Miss Germany International” opened some new doors for her anyway. Suddenly “the girl next door” was present in the media. Newspapers wrote stories about her success in the competitions and also her personal life. TV channels filmed home stories about her and she got invitations to luxury and high class events.

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For Kat this new world as a “Miss” and fashion model was scary and she preferred her “normal” life where she could just climb trees, search for injured animals and didn’t have to wear makeup or hair spray. But Kat also realized that she could use the medial interest in her for project that could make this world a little bit better. In 2006 Kat was one of the founders of the anti shark finning organization “SharkChance” and was the choreographer of the beauty pageant “Beauties in Motion” for people in a wheel chair. Kat used her time as “Miss Germany International” to support as many social projects as possible.

In 2007 Kat entered another beauty pageant, this time Germany was looking for the “Queen of the World Germany”. As Kat has always been home on the stage and with all the experiences she gathered during the past year as “Miss Germany International” and “Germany’s Bridal Model” she won this competition with a big lead towards the runner up.

Through all her success in beauty pageants Kat got many bookings for modeling jobs. She enjoyed jumping into different characters in front of the camera and her posing skills became so good that many photographers gave her the nick name “posing monster”. But being a winner of beauty pageants also meant that people would judge Kat without even knowing her personally. Even all the nice dresses, makeup and high heels couldn’t cover up Kat’s true personality of a shy girl who loved to spend her free time in the nature, surrounded by animals and looking for the next adventure. Kat wasn’t interested in entering any other beauty pageants until she heard about the “SeaStar Discovery”. The SeaStar Discovery is the “hardest modeling competition on the planet” organized by the German diving and travel magazine “SeaStar”. Part of the competition was scuba diving, underwater modeling and many more actions and adventures. As the daughter of a special commando police man and with her dreams of travelling the world and experience adventures Kat applied to enter this model contest. The first casting round included a try dive and photo shoot on land and underwater. From hundreds of applicants in three different castings Kat made it into the top 5. To qualify for the finals in Jamaica Kat had to get her diving license. The dive training in a German lake in the winter time was pretty tough and brought some girls to their limits. Kat got her diving license and flew to the finals in Jamaica. In Jamaica many more adventures like cliff jumping, riding a quad bike, horseback riding, parasailing, diving and photo shoots on land and underwater waited for the three finalists. At the end of the week Kat became the “SeaStar Girl 2008”.

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In April 2008 Kat got her first international modeling contract and spend three months in Shanghai working as a fashion model for the Chinese modeling agency “Modelline”. Since then Kat worked for many different clients and modeling agencies in Germany, Austria, Thailand, China, Australia and the UK.

As Kat spend a few years in Thailand working as a fashion model, the Asian magazine “Think Design Magazine” voted Kat to be one of the top models in Asia in 2013.

After Kat became a scuba diving instructor and spend much time underwater she remembered her childhood dream of being a real life mermaid. The build her first mermaid tail and learned how to hold her breath for a longer time. She practiced her underwater modeling skills and used her knowledge of posing in front of cameras to become an underwater model.

In a short time Kat managed to build up high developed underwater modeling skills and started to work as a professional mermaid and underwater fashion model. Kat features TV commercials (even for Philips), short movies, artistic projects, magazines and advertisements for resorts, dive centers, fashion brands and much more. Mermaid Kat is one of the highest skilled and most successful underwater models in the world.

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