Mermaid Getaways – Retreats for Merpeople and Mermaid School

Our Mermaid Getaways, also called “Mermaid Weeks”, are international retreats specifically designed for merpeople. During these mermaid getaways, mermaids and mermen from around the world can join Mermaid Kat during an exciting mermaid vacation. Besides a transformational adventure in paradise, you can build up your mermaid portfolio with stunning mermaid photos above and underwater. These mermaid getaways were created with love and passion and developed to meet merpeople’s needs and dreams. Furthermore, they were designed to create a time and place for like-minded people to come together to connect, teach and learn. In addition, you can participate in mermaid classes and underwater modelling workshops. Kat will also teach you about buoyancy, safety and breath-control basics for performing underwater. Of course, creating more ocean awareness is another important mission at our mermaid retreats. There surely is no experience in the world that can compare with our Mermaid Retreats.

Mermaid Vacation - Retreat and Workshops
Retreat for Mermaids and Mermen - Mermaid Week by Mermaid Kat
Mermaid Week - Retreat for Mermaids
Mermaid Portfolio Vacation

Mermaid Getaways – The Ultimate Adventure for Mermaids and Mermen

We have decided to offer wide opportunities to let us connect, learn and expand together. Our adventure activities are designed to enhance and inspire our personal and spiritual growth. We will be mermaiding and snorkelling to explore reefs and discover marine life. Yoga with the sand between our toes, fresh tropical fruits and warming sunshine will help us to connect to ourselves and nature. Furthermore, the breeze of the sea will feed us fresh oxygen and keep us grounded on this adventure of a lifetime. And don’t forget, you will have the chance to enhance your mermaid portfolio, as you get to work with some of the world’s best underwater mermaid photographers. We will be playing in the ocean and in nature, to connect to our childlike selves, finding immense joy, wonder and awe as we explore and discover.

Mermaid Retreats – Breathing and Breath-Hold Workshops

During our mermaid getaways, we will teach techniques to relax. Furthermore we will practice different types of breathing exercises. These include for example, training of meditation, “water” and “whiskey” category breathing and ribcage isometric. As a result, you will extend your breath holding time whilst experiencing moments in silence and stillness. Afterwards, we will practice a series of guided above-water movement-based exercises to expand our lung capacity and enable our bodies to feel safe. Then we will bring the practice to the deeper water. Here, you will be able to feel the deep connection to mother sea.

Mermaid Week - Mermaid Retreat Thailand
Mermaid Portfolio Retreat in Phuket
Mermaid Retreats – Underwater Modelling Workshops

Mermaid Getaways – Underwater Modelling Workshops

Besides ocean adventures, breathing workshops and photo shoots, you will also learn more about underwater modelling. Because Mermaid Kat has been working as an underwater model and underwater stunt woman for over a decade, she has gathered lots of experiences over the years. During her underwater modelling workshop, she shares her stories and tips. Enjoy your exploration of underwater modelling and practise different posing techniques. Of course you will be supported by our experienced team at all times.

Underwater Modelling Workshop in Thailand
Underwater Modelling Workshop and Retreat
Underwater Modeling Workshop and Retreat by Mermaid Kat
Underwater mermaid photo shoot Thailand

Mermaid Portfolio Retreat

Our mermaid vacations will bring you long lasting memories. In addition, some wonderful photos and videos will help you to remember this ultimate retreat even many years and decades later. During the whole retreat you have the opportunity to work with internationally published and awarded underwater photographers. Afterwards, you can choose your favourite photos and our photographers will edit these for you. After a short time, you will receive the edited and high resolution version. Usually, there are 10 edited photos included in the price of the retreat. If you would like to receive more you can order more photos at an additional cost. If you don’t have your own mermaid tail yet, please reach out at any time. There will be the chance to use one pf our fabric mermaid tails. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to hire a silicone mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop during this event.

Mermaid Trip - The ultimate Mermaid Getaway by Mermaid Kat
Mermaid Photo Shoots in Thailand
Underwater Mermaid Modelling Retreat
Enhance your Mermaid Portfolio - Underwater Photo Shoots
Mermaid Portfolio Camp
Mermaid-Camp by Mermaid Kat

Upcoming Mermaid Getaways

Below, see our upcoming Mermaid Retreats. To find out the location and date of the next mermaid getaway, move the mouse over the pictures below. For further information, click on the pictures. Please note, that these retreats are filling fast and are first come, first serve. If you would like to join, contact us immediately and put down your deposit to reserve your spot.