Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops for mer-people and underwater models. With over a decade of working experience as an underwater model and underwater stuntwoman, Kat is one of the most experienced underwater performers out there. Besides her experience in modelling and mermaiding, she also worked as a scuba diving instructor and has travelled the world as an underwater stunt performer. Now she put together her knowledge and experience into different courses and workshops.

Underwater Fashion shoot with Underwater Model Katrin Gray and DAVOSA Watches

Underwater Modelling Courses

With her experience as a scuba diving instructor, free diver and underwater stunt woman, Katrin Gray has put together an ideal “all-round package” for aspiring underwater models. Her Underwater Modelling Workshops were designed for both beginners and advanced underwater performers. Whether you’re a mermaid performer, a studio photographer, model or just booked your first underwater shoot and want to look great in your photos, this course shows you how to create and perform underwater. As a result of this workshop, you will have a much deeper understanding on how to control your buoyancy, body and facial expressions underwater. You practice techniques you would otherwise only learn in seperate diving courses, apnea courses and modelling courses. The underwater modelling courses by Mermaid Kat are unique and one of kind workshops.

International Mermaid Retreats

Next to courses and workshops Mermaid Kat also offers international Mermaid Retreats. During her Mermaid Weeks, participants can join Kat for an unforgettable adventure in paradise. Newcomers as well as professionals are welcome to join in for breath hold courses, underwater modelling workshops and photoshoots. Connect with like minded people from around the world and share your stories. Have unforgettable encounters with marine life and experience the underwater world like never before. Take home professional photos of yourself above and under water.

Mermaid Kat offers courses, workshops and mermaid retreats

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