Welcome to Kat's Mermaid BlogWelcome to the Mermaid Blog of Professional Mermaid Kat

This Mermaid Blog will show you all the newest activities regarding the professional mermaid “Mermaid Kat”. Find out about the latest events and campaign of the underwater model and see when and where she hosts her next mermaid workshops and mermaid events.

In this mermaid blog you can also find tips and tricks on how to turn into a mermaid yourself. Read the mermaid blog articles about different mermaid equipment and Mermaid Kat’s underwater modelling tips.

As an environmentalist Mermaid Kat uses her mermaid blog also to provide you with important information regarding our ocean environment. In this mermaid blog you can find information on how you can help to prevent our oceans and save our marine life, even with little things.

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