How to become a Mermaid yourself?

Mermaid Kat fulfilled her childhood dream of turning into a real life mermaid. Now she works as a mermaid model and became one of the most successful mermaid in the world. Mermaid Kat also wants to help you to turn your dream, of becoming a mermaid, into reality. With her own mermaid shop and mermaid school Mermaid Kat can help you to become a mermaid yourself.

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Become a Mermaid in the Mermaid Kat Academy

In August 2012 the professional mermaid Kat opened the first mermaid school in the world. Her opening event “Mermaid Kat’s International Mermaid Workshop 2012” was hosted in Phuket, Thailand and followed by a German TV team. Her first mermaid workshop was shown in the well-known German TV program “Auf und Davon”.

Since then Kat told several mermaid workshops and mermaid courses around the world in countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland and Egypt.

The German mermaid developed a special mermaid teaching program for kids and adults, beginners and advanced mermaids and mermen. Swimming in a mermaid tail, also known as “mermaiding”, is not only fun but it’s also a great full body workout. You have the chance to fulfill your childhood dream and keep fit. Mermaiding is also a great social activity where you will meet new people and be able to express yourself in a completely new way.

As a scuba diving instructor, freediving instructor and underwater stunt woman for Kat safety always comes first. She and her other highly skilled mermaid trainers teach mermaid classes and mermaid workshops in a safe environment and help everyone to have a magical time swimming in a mermaid tail.

Everyone is welcome in the Mermaid Kat Academy. Mermaid swimming isn’t just fun for girls it is also a great adventure for merboys and mermen. You can join our mermaid workshops and mermaid classes from the age of 8 onwards but please note that mermaid classes don’t teach you any basic swimming skills. Mermaid classes are only for strong swimmers who don’t need any assistance in deep water.

Learn from the professionals and become a mermaid yourself!

To book your mermaid class, please visit the Mermaid Kat Academy Australia.

To become a mermaid you also need a professional mermaid tail…

Get your Mermaid Tail in the Mermaid Kat Shop

In April 2013 Mermaid Kat opened her online shop where she shells professional fabric mermaid tails and silicone mermaid tails. All the mermaid tails at Mermaid Kat Shop include a professional freediving monofin. Compared to most other fabric mermaid tails in the market, the Mermaid Kat mermaid tails are proper swimming equipment, safe to use for strong swimmers and efficient in the water. The mermaid tails at Mermaid Kat Shop have been developed and designed by water professionals like scuba instructors and freediving instructors. Our artists make all our mermaid tails look as realistic as possible. The Mermaid Kat Silicone Mermaid Tails have even been used for several TV, music video and movie productions. The mermaid monofins with are included in any mermaid tail at Mermaid Kat Shop have two separate foot pockets with enough space between each other so that your ankles can’t touch other and cause pain while swimming. Two separate foot straps guarantee a proper fit and make it almost impossible to slip out with your feet while swimming. The mermaid mono fins at Mermaid Kat Shop are unbreakable while swimming.

Become a mermaid yourself today! To get your own professional mermaid tail, visit the Mermaid Kat Shop.

Get your professional fabric or silicone mermaid tail in the Mermaid kat Shop

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Watch this Video of professional Mermaid Kat, her Mermaid School and Mermaid Shop

Professional Mermaid Trainer Kat explains some important points about the safe use of Mermaid Tails. Get some tips and tricks on how to become a mermaid yourself.

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