How to become a mermaid?

Mermaid Kat fulfilled her childhood dream of turning into a real life mermaid. Now she works as a mermaid model and became one of the most successful mermaid in the world. Mermaid Kat also wants to help you to turn your dream, of becoming a mermaid, into reality. With her own mermaid shop and mermaid school Mermaid Kat can help you to become a mermaid yourself.

Mermaid tails for children and adults in Perth

Mermaid Kat Academy

The Mermaid Kat Academy was founded in August 2012 and was the first public mermaid school in the world. Since then Mermaid Kat taught mermaid workshops on over 10 different countries. The German mermaid developed a special mermaid teaching program for kids and adults, beginners and advanced mermaids and mermen. Swimming in a mermaid tail, also known as “mermaiding”, is not only fun but also a great full body workout. You have the chance to fulfil your childhood dream and keep fit at the same time. Become a mermaid at Mermaid Kat Academy Australia or Mermaid Kat Academy Germany.

Additionally to the regular courses, Mermaid Kat hosts special events and international mermaid and underwater modelling workshops.

Mermaid Kat Shop

Professional mermaid and underwater model Mermaid Kat developed her own range of highly functional mermaid fins. These fins were particularly developed for free diving and mermaiding. Not only beginners, but also advanced and professional free divers and mermaids admire these mermaid monofins. At Mermaid Kat Shop, her team manufactures mermaid tails for children and adults. The spandex, neoprene or silicone mermaid tails are efficient and safe to use for experienced swimmers. The silicone mermaid tails are handmade and unique. Because silicone is neutrally buoyant, these tails are fabulous for any actives in the water. And not to forget, they look super realistic.

In other words, the silicone mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop are the tails every mermaid dreams of, so why don’t you get your own?

Mermaid Tails

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