Underwater Mermaid Show at AQWA in Perth

Underwater Mermaid Show at AQWA with Mermaid Kat in Perth – January 2024

Underwater Mermaid Show at AQWA with Mermaid Kat in Perth. Shell-o, my dear aquatic enthusiasts! Mermaid Kat here, and I’m thrilled to share some fintastic news with you. I will be swimming at the underwater mermaid show at the Aquarium of Western Australia. My journey with AQWA has been nothing short of magical since my move to Perth several years ago. First, I conducted specialized workshops, training their talented mermaid performers. Later, I crafted a Mermaid Kat Shop silicone tail for their mermaid performers.

Now, mark your calendars for 24th January 2024, as I’ll perform in this underwater spectacle. While January typically draws my attention back to Germany for the “Boot” dive show, this year is different. My exceptional team from Mermaid Kat Shop and Mermaid Kat Academy will represent us in Germany, allowing me to stay in Perth for more summer bookings across Australia.

Underwater Mermaid Show at AQWA in Perth


Underwater Mermaid Show with 3 Acclaimed Mermaids

Excitement bubbles up as I share the tank with Mermaid Madeleine and Mermaid Julianna on 24th January. Madeleine, my former student, has joined me for numerous mermaid events in Australia and China. Additionally, she has been captivating audiences with her performances at the AQWA underwater mermaid show for the past couple of years. Julianna, also a former student of mine, is a seasoned mermaid instructor at Mermaid Kat Academy in Germany. She will be staying in Perth for the summer and participating in various mermaid events in Australia alongside me. In April, she will join me for Mermaid Week in Thailand, after which she will continue her journey back to Germany.


Schedule for the Mermaid Performance at AQWA

Catch us in action on 24th January 2024 from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at AQWA’s outdoor tank in Marina Bay. This mermaid show promises an unforgettable experience, blending grace and aquatic wonders. Be prepared to witness a fusion of talents as we navigate the depths, creating a mesmerizing aquatic ballet.

For those eager to see me, Mermaid Madeleine and Mermaid Julianna in our element, this show is your ticket to an extraordinary underwater adventure. Dive into the magic with us – your front-row seat to the underwater mermaid show awaits!