Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico

Retreat and Mermaid School Mexico (March 2025)

This Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico will surely create unforgettable memories!

Prepare for an unforgettable journey.This immersive retreat promises a fantastic and extraordinary adventure for all participants. Immerse yourself in vibrant mermaid tails and connect with fellow mermaids and mermen from across the globe. Our program offers the perfect blend of exhilarating activities and relaxation opportunities.

Join us for a variety of training sessions designed to learn and perfect mermaiding techniques. Enhance your breath-holding abilities through specialized breathing and relaxation exercises. Our unique mermaid vacation includes captivating photoshoots, both above and beneath the water’s surface. Explore breathtaking locations like Cenotes, underwater caves, with our expert guidance.

Embark on your mermaid journey and join this Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico for an experience like no other.


Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico 2025


Key Facts about the Retreat and Mermaid School:

When? March 15-22, 2025 (a free extension week is possible from March 22-29, 2025)

Where? Iberostar Quetzal (5-star hotel)


  • 7 nights in the Iberostar Quetzal (double room occupancy)
  • All inclusive food and drink
  • Excursions to special locations (e.g. beaches, reefs, cenotes, etc.)
  • Mermaiding training
  • Yoga sessions
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Underwater posing tips
  • Support of our safety team
  • Rental fabric tail from the Mermaid Kat Shop (if you don’t have a tail)
  • Photoshoots (above and under water)
  • 6 edited, high-resolution photos (you can choose)
  • 1 souvenir video from this trip (approx. 2-3 minutes long)


Not included:

  • Return flights to Cancun
  • Transport from the hotel to the airport and back
  • Dives and diving courses
  • WIFI
  • Additional photos (if you want to select more than 6, these can be purchased for EUR 50/ USD 55 per photo)
  • Individual videos of yourself (you can choose from different video options for an additional fee, see below)
  • The use of silicone tails from Mermaid Kat Shop (a selection of silicone tails are available for hire but you would need to check with us at least 3 months prior to travel)


Invest: EUR 3,850 (around USD 4,000 / AUD 6,400) or EUR 4,750 (around USD 5,000 / AUD 8,000) if you want to book an additional extension week.

A deposit of 20% is due immediately after booking. The course fee of EUR 1,000 (around USD 1,000 / AUD 1,600) is due 90 days before the start of the trip (this will not be refunded if you cancel). The balance is due 30 days prior to departure.


Booking via:

Thomas Scholz (Tom)
Mobile: +49 173 3725736

Attention, the places are in great demand and book up quickly. Therefore, we can only reserve your spot once we have received your booking and deposit.


Video from our Retreat and Mermaid School in Egypt 2022


Discover What Happens at Our Retreat and Mermaid School:

Our Retreat and Mermaid School retreat offers an incredible blend of experiences to ensure your getaway is truly unforgettable. While our retreat is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation, it also provides an exciting mermaid school experience. Throughout your stay, you’ll have access to various training sessions, including mermaid swimming, breathwork, and relaxation exercises.

Our program includes specialized instruction in fin swimming, pressure equalization, underwater posing, and mastering control of your body beneath the waves. You’ll also receive valuable insights into underwater modeling techniques, including managing your hair, outfits, and accessories beneath the surface.

Capture these magical moments with the help of our professional photographers, who will conduct captivating photoshoots both on land and underwater. Our Mexican locations offer stunning backdrops for these sessions. Rest assured, our team comprises experienced lifeguards and rescue divers who are ready to support you at all times, regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced mermaid or merman.

Additionally, we’ve set aside some free time for you to explore on your own. You can indulge in the hotel pool, book exciting dives, or take leisurely beach strolls with fellow participants. The surrounding area also boasts numerous tourist attractions for you to explore during your retreat.

Join us at our Retreat and Mermaid School for an enchanting and diverse experience that combines relaxation with mermaid adventures, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime.


Retreat and Mermaid School in 2025 Mexico


Who Can Join Our Retreat and Mermaid School?

Have you always been enchanted by “The Little Mermaid”, “Splash” or “H2O – Just Add Water” and have an interest in fantasy and the seas? If so, our Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico is the perfect fit for you! We aim to create a space where like-minded water enthusiasts can connect, learn new skills, and return home with breathtaking photos and videos.

To participate in our Retreat and Mermaid School, it’s essential that you can swim well and safely. We also recommend a basic level of fitness since swimming in mermaid tails and underwater modeling can be physically demanding.

Most of our underwater photo shoots will take place in shallow water. If the water does get deeper, you’ll have support at the surface, such as a safety person or a buoy to hold onto and rest. Therefore, you can feel at ease even if you have no experience in free diving, scuba diving, or mermaiding.

Because we firmly believe that mermaids and mermen come in all sizes, shapes, colors, age groups, and genders, there are no specific appearance requirements. However, participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian.


MerPeople Retreat and Mermaid School


Video Packages as an Additional Option for your Retreat and Mermaid School

If you would like to have individual videos of yourself in addition to the souvenir video, you can book these additionally.

Option 1: PERSONAL TRAVEL HIGHLIGHT VIDEO Your personal highlights of Mermaid Week selected by us and edited as an individual film. | backed with music | Duration 2-3 minutes | as MP4 file | additionally as a reel | Makes your mermaid week unforgettable! Price: EUR 150 (around USD 160 / AUD 250)

Option 2: UNDERWATER MODEL MOVIE Extra film footage and individual scenes edited together to create your underwater model movie. | Preliminary meeting with concept development | basic video coaching | additional video shooting | cut together selected by us | backed with music | Duration 3-5 minutes | as MP4 file | additionally as a reel | Perfect for your portfolio! Price: EUR 250 (around USD 270 / AUD 420)

Option 3: DELUXE MOVIE Film creation cut together as a short film in a cinematic look according to your individual storyline. | Preliminary meeting with concept development | Script writing | individual video coaching | additional video shooting and individual shooting time |backed with music | Duration 5-7 minutes | as MP4 file | additionally as a reel | Show your personality! Epic video recordings for marketing, campaigns, portfolio and more. Price: EUR 450 (around USD 480 / AUD 750)

Optional: additionally all individual scenes uncut (including unpublished ones) Price: EUR 100 (around USD 100 / AUD 160)

Larger changes on average Price: 50 EUR (around USD 50 / AUD 80)

If you are already sure that you would like to book a video option, please contact Jens and Melli from D Image Factory directly.


Lydia’s Highlight Video from Retreat and Mermaid School Maldives 2021


Julianna’s Highlights During Egypt Retreat and Mermaid School 2022


Inviting Partners and Companions to Our Retreat and Mermaid School

Your companion can fully embrace the enchantment with us. They are welcome to accompany us on exciting excursions, witness the mesmerizing photoshoots, and even participate in captivating training sessions. Over time, we’ve had the privilege of capturing heartwarming moments between partners, creating cherished memories to treasure.

In addition, companions have the unique opportunity to select 10 photos from our mermaid retreat to take home as souvenirs. It’s a chance to share in the wonder of the experience.

For those companions seeking a more leisurely pace or pursuing different interests, we offer an exclusive discount of EUR 500 (around USD 500 / AUD 800) off the total price. While you embark on your mermaid adventures, our hotel features a dedicated dive center, and the surrounding area offers excellent shopping and a wide array of tourist attractions.

Moreover, you’ll have plenty of free time each day to explore, relax, and connect. Be assured, your companion will be far from bored – they’ll be part of an extraordinary journey filled with wonder and excitement!


Bring your partner to Retreat and Mermaid School


Here’s Some Exciting Info!

Mermaid Kat and her “fintastic” team have been the masterminds behind international Mermaid Weeks and underwater model adventures since the magical year of 2013. Our entire crew has proudly clinched several prestigious awards and honors along the way. When you join us, you’re in the company of the “crème de la crème” in this extraordinary realm.

But let’s talk about the heart of the matter – our team is not only talented but incredibly motivated, spirited, and passionate about what we do. What matters most to us is creating an environment where we all stand on equal ground, supporting, encouraging, and empowering one another.

Our mermaid journey is designed to make a splash in your life, leaving you with unforgettable memories and, most importantly, a boatload of fun! We want every moment to be a treasure that you’ll cherish forever.

And if you’re eager to connect with fellow mermaids and mermen from across the globe even before you dive into the adventure, we extend a warm invitation to join our vibrant Facebook group: Drama Free Mermaid Community. It’s a place where mermaid dreams are shared, friendships are forged, and the magic of the sea knows no bounds.

Come, be a part of this enchanting journey with us!


MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School


This is what you should bring with you to our Retreat and Mermaid School

  • Passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Diving license (if you have one and want to go diving)
  • Bikini/swimsuit/swimming pants
  • Mask, snorkel, fins (if available)
  • Summer clothes
  • Sweatshirt/light jacket
  • Rash guard/long sleeve shirt
  • Light long trousers
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Required medication
  • Adapter
  • Natural mosquito repellent
  • Ocean friendly sunscreen
  • Mermaid tail (if you have your own)
  • Waterproof mascara and additional makeup (other than mascara, regular makeup stays in place reasonably well unless you wipe your face)
  • Accessories
  • Credit cards and cash


Mermaid School and MerFolk Retreat Mexico


Welcome to Iberostar Quetzal

Iberostar Quetzal is not just a hotel; it’s a dedicated guardian of the local ecosystem. They take great pride in the EarthCheck certification, which acknowledges their efforts in preserving a piece of the lush tropical rainforest. What’s more, their love for the native flora and fauna runs deep, and they even got a team of biologists on board to ensure their well-being.

But that’s not all – the hotel boasts a prime location right on the doorstep of one of Riviera Maya’s most beautiful beaches. The hotel is also conveniently close to all the best spots for leisure and culture.


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