Join Mermaid Week Mexico 2020 to connect with your inner mermaid, learn underwater techniques, build up your portfolio and become one with the underwater world. During this ultimate underwater adventure, you get to meet magical like-minded people and stay in a private luxury villa. Furthermore, you’ll receive training sessions with mermaiding and underwater modelling experts. Be fascinated by the beauty of nature and discover breath taking underwater cenotes. Learn about Mexico’s culture during our adventure tour and have mesmerising underwater photos taken of you. Besides our scheduled activities, there will be plenty of time to relax at the pool or discover Tulum’s beaches, tourist strip and nightlife. What are you waiting for? Join us for Mermaid Week Mexico 2020.

Mermaid Week Mexico 2020

– Underwater modelling and mermaid workshop –

9th – 16th May 2020 – Tulum, Mexico

Mermaid retreat Mexico

Meet the team

Because we want to make Mermaid Week Mexico as special as possible for you, we have invited a wonderful team to Tulum.

Mermaid Kat
Katrin Gray is a professional underwater model and mermaid. She is not only a certified scuba and freediving instructor, but also a technical diver and cave diver. The ocean conservationist will share her stories of animal encounters and projects around the globe. At the same time, she will share her experiences and teach breath hold and underwater modelling techniques.
Ian Gray
The internationally published photographer will take photos of you and give feedback to your posing and underwater modelling skills. As one of the most known “mermaid photographers” worldwide, he will make sure to capture you from your best side. Together with his wife Kat, Ian has been involved in a big number of international underwater adventures. Wrestling with saltwater crocodiles, swimming with tiger sharks and diving through 40 m deep ship wrecks are just a few to mention.
Jesús Guzman is a dive explorer who knows his area so well, that he actually helped National Geographic discovering and mapping several cenotes in Mexico. Apart from tacos, Chucho loves surfing and if the wind is right, he can be found on the nearest wave. His friendly Mexican personality and great underwater photography skills have already supported several other shared projects, such as Mermaid Week Tahiti in October 2019.

What are we going to do?

Mermaid Week Mexico is a retreat for mermaids, mermen, underwater models and other water spiritual people. We want to create a time and place for like-minded merpeople to come together and share their passion for the underwater world. We want you to be open to learn and on the other hand to teach and to share your experiences with others. Our goal is, for you to have an unforgettable time and go home with lots of great memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, we want to create stunning underwater images of you that will always remind you of this trip. In order to make this retreat as special as possible, we have prepared a very unique program for you:

9th May (Saturday):
Carpool pickup from the airport in Cancun and transport to Tulum (times will be confirmed once we have the flight details of everyone). Check in to our private villa from 3 pm onwards. Introduction and general briefing. First breath hold and underwater model training session.

10th May (Sunday):
We will visit our first cenote and gather our first experiences in modelling underwater. Whenever you are not posing in front of the camera, you can swim or snorkel in the cenote or enjoy the sun. We will be back at the villa in the afternoon and you will have the rest of the day to enjoy yourself around the villa or discover Tulum.

11th May (Monday):
In the morning we will have our next underwater photo shoot at a different cenote. The afternoon and evening are free.

12th May (Tuesday):
In the morning we will have our next underwater photo shoot at a different cenote. The afternoon and evening are free.

13th May (Wednesday):
Tour “Coba Ruins and Punta Laguna”. On a contrary to our daily underwater shoots, this tour will mix up our week. We will take a bike ride around Coba’s ancient Mayan ruins – the tallest temple pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula – 137 feet in height. With a canoe we will paddle across the vast blue lagoon, observe spider and howler monkeys, hike through the jungle and enter the largest underwater grave ever found – filled with artefacts. Furthermore, we will enjoy a 300 m zip line ride through the jungle and snorkel in cenotes. We will be back at the villa around 4 pm and the rest of the day is free. (Please wear a swimsuit, water shoes and suitable clothing like rash guard or long sleeve shirt; light long pants; sunglasses; sun hat or cap. Have an extra pair of clothes and a towel, to change. Make sure to bring cash to buy souvenirs as most shops there do no work in credit/debit cards.)

14th May (Thursday):
In the morning we will have our next underwater photo shoot at a different cenote. The afternoon and evening are free.

15th May (Friday):
In the morning we will have our next underwater photo shoot at a different cenote. The afternoon is free. Farewell dinner at the villa.

16th May (Saturday):
Checkout from our private villa before 11 am and carpool transport to Cancun airport (times will be confirmed once we have the flight details of everyone).

About the cenotes

All across the region of Tulum, there are hidden treasures that predate even the Mayans by thousands and thousands of years: the cenotes. Cenotes are sinkholes, many of them opening up into vast subterranean worlds, filled with tunnels and lagoons. Swimming in cenotes is something that you can only do here, and that will quickly become your favourite activity in the Riviera Maya. Cenotes provide the ultimate playground for photo shoots. In the first place, their beauty provides stunning sceneries that every photographer dreams of. Secondly, as the cenotes are filled with freshwater, it will be much more convenient for our underwater shoots than shooting in saltwater. Freshwater doesn’t burn in your eyes or sinuses, it is much easier to sink and you don’t have to worry about cleaning your mermaid tail from nasty salt. With water temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius, they create wonderful conditions for underwater shoots.

Mermaid Week Mexico Tulum Cenotes

Photo shoots

Besides creating memories of a lifetime, having fun, connecting with nature, learning and sharing experience, photo shoots are another main focus on this journey. We want to help you to build up your mermaid and underwater modelling portfolio with the most magical images. To archive this, you will have support from our experienced team on your side at all times. Mermaid Kat will continuously help with underwater modelling and breath hold tips throughout the week. Ian and Chucho will give you feedback on your posing during all underwater shoots. As a result, we are certain that you will receive mind blowing images of yourself. After the trip we will publish your photos on a private website for you to view. You can then choose your 10 included photos (and more if you would like to purchase additional) from there. Shortly after you will receive the fully processed and high definition version of your photos. Afterwards you can use these photos for private use and your own self-promotion, for example on social media or your own websites. Please note that a model release will need to be signed, that allows us to use images too.

Burlesque photo shoot at Cenote in Tulum

Requirements to join Mermaid Week Mexico

To join our mermaid adventure, it is necessary that have strong swimming abilities. Additionally, a general level of fitness is recommended. There are no experiences in freediving, scuba diving, mermaiding or underwater modelling needed to join Mermaid Week Mexico 2020. Depending on your personal level, we will provide all the support needed.

Please note that there are no visual requirements to join Mermaid Week. We truly believe that there lives a mermaid or merman in all of us. We are happy to welcome mers in all sizes, shapes, ages and genders. Participants under the age of 18 years must be accomplished by an adult.

Underwater Mermaid photo shoot Mexico

Can I bring my partner?

Partners are more than welcome to join our adventures. They can either take part in all our activates or just join the ones they are interested in. If they are not interested in photo shoots, they can still come with us and do other things during this time like going for a swim or snorkel in the cenotes for example. Of course, partners also have the choice to pic 10 included photos of their trip. Nevertheless, they can also pass these included photos over to their mermaid partner. Please note that we are not able to give any discounts to partners.

Join Mermaid Week Mexico

Information about the villa

The Karma Eco Villa has a spacious open plan kitchen-living room, fully equipped with a large bar and cosy lounge. You can store your groceries in the fridge or freezer and prepare your own breakfast and dinners as you please. The mesmerising tropical garden with a large swimming pool in natural concrete will be your playground after our daily activities finished.

All rooms in our villa are shared. Some rooms provide two separate beds, while others provide queen and king size beds to share. If you book with your partner, we will arrange a shared bed for you. If you are booking by yourself, we will try to make arrangements to have your own bed as good as possible.

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend having travel insurance for the trip. Please note that you will need to sign a liability release, before you are able to join any activities.

Mermaid sisters in the Maldives

What to bring:

  • Passport (make sure it’s up to date)
  • Travel insurance
  • Diving license (if you have one and if you would like to go diving)
  • Bikini/ swimsuit
  • Mask, snorkel and fins (if you have any)
  • Summer clothing
  • A long sleeve top to warm up after coming out of the water
  • Water shoes, rash guard or long sleeve shirt, light long pants
  • Sunglasses and sun hat
  • Herbal supplements or medication as needed
  • Universal plug converter
  • Natural mosquito repellent
  • Ocean friendly sunscreen
  • Mermaid tail, if you have one (no sequin tails please)
  • Additional fashion outfits for your photo shoots
  • Waterproof mascara and additional make up for the shoots (apart from mascara, make up will stay in place reasonably well unless you wipe your face). Avoid glitter unless it is biodegradable
  • Wigs in different colours (if you like), hair needles, wig glue
  • Accessories
  • Bank cards and some emergency cash
  • Reusables such as bottles, take away cups, straws, bags, etc.



What is included?

  • Carpool transportation from Cancun airport to the villa and back (will be arranged once we receive all flight details)
  • 7 nights’ accommodation at the luxury Karma Eco Villa
  • Wifi at the villa
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • Farewell dinner
  • Lunch during all activity days
  • Breath hold and underwater modelling training and support throughout the week
  • 5 days of visiting different cenotes
  • At least 5 underwater shoots in cenotes
  • Working with experienced underwater photographers
  • Support from our professional safety team of highly trained scuba divers and free divers
  • One adventure tour
  • Transportation during our activities
  • Entrance fees to cenotes
  • Fabric mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop (if you don’t have your own tail)
  • 10 processed, high resolution photos from this trip (you can choose)
  • 1 video of this trip (about 2 minutes long)
Mermaid Week Mexico 2020

What is not included?

  • Airfare to and from Cancun airport
  • Meals other than the ones mentioned above
  • The use of neoprene or silicone mermaid tails. If you need to rent a neoprene or silicone mermaid tail, this can be arranged for an additional fee of USD 20 for neoprene and USD 45 for silicone per day (please let us know well in advance so we have time to make arrangements)
  • Additional photos (if you want to choose more than 10) can be purchased for an additional USD 45 per photo or USD 400 for 10 photos

What is the cost?

The costs for the Mermaid Week Mexico 2020 are USD 2,899 per person. You must pay a non-refundable deposit of USD 1,000 to reserve your spot. The open balance is due before the start of Mermaid Week.

A percentage of your payment will support ocean conservation projects.

How do I enter?

In order to join Mermaid Week Mexico 2020 please send us an email to:

We will send you more information and ask for your details. Please note that you must pay a deposit of USD 1,000 to reserve your spot. The open balance is due before the start of Mermaid Week Mexico.

Final Registration closes April 30th 2020 – or when fully booked (please note that retreat fills up fast).

Our team is excited to meet you at Mermaid Week Mexico 2020.

* Help us preserve the wildlife – avoid putting sunscreen on. Wear suitable clothing to shade your skin from the sun, instead of using sunscreen. Use a biodegradable sunscreen in case you really need to.

Did you know: we are also organising a Mermaid Week in the Maldives in September 2020