Waterproof make up for mermaids

Waterproof Mermaid Make Up

As a professional mermaid and underwater model I spend a lot of time in and underwater. During performances and photo shoots it is important that the make up stays on nicely and doesn’t smudge. The journey to find the perfect waterproof mermaid make up has been long but now I found a great brand.

As an animal lover, environmentalist and vegetarian I focus on buying products that are not tested on animals. Trying to find cruelty free make up that is waterproof was not that easy. There are brands like Loreal that offer super stay lipsticks and moscara but unfortunately they do animal testing.

For a long time I didn’t find any cruelty free alternatives. For my job I needed to use make up that stays on in the water but I have never used it without a bad feeling.


Luckily that has changed now, thanks to Artiste Face and Lips. When I went to Fremantle market a while ago, I suddenly saw these make up products from “LipSense” that claimed to be waterproof. Leanne, the woman behind the counter, and I started to talk about the products.


Underwater modeling tips - use waterproof make upSome of the great things about LipSense are:

  • They are waterproof
  • They are smudge proof
  • They are lead and wax free
  • Not tested on animals and no animal products are used
  • They are vegan
  • All products are formulated in compliance with FDA regulations
  • They are made in the USA



I told Leanne that I work as a professional mermaid and underwater model and she gave me some samples to try and test. I couldn’t believe it. The eye shadow and lipstick come in so many beautiful colours. You have such a big colour choice that there is something there for everyone.

But as a mermaid and underwater model I have higher requirements than just nice looking colours. I was curious to see if the make up would keep it’s promises when it comes to water. And yes, it absolutely did!

I have tested the foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, eye liner and mascara from Artiste Face and Lips and all products are just absolutely incredible. They look amazing, are waterproof and cruelty free – there perfect mermaid make up.

Last month I was working on a cruise ship in Asia again. During my performance days I had public photo sessions with guests, gave presentations, had mermaid shows in the pool, taught mermaid classes and more. On a day like that there is not much time in my schedule that allows to re-do make up. So the make up had the ultimate test. Would it still look nice and fresh at the and of a day like that? Yes it did. Even after several shows in the pool, the make up still looked like I just put it on.


Thank you so much to Artiste Face and Lips for these wonderful cosmetic products from LipSense. You made a little mermaid very happy. Knowing that it’s cruelty free makes me perform even better during my mermaid shows and underwater modelling work. I can absolutely recommend this waterproof make up to all mermaids out there.


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