Might permanent make up be the solution for mermaids? Waterproof make up is something all professional mermaids and underwater models are familiar with. But sometimes it’s not easy to choose the right product or the make up doesn’t stay on as promised when performing in the water. That’s why I decided to get a semi-permanent eye brow tattoo done.

I have never been a big fan of make up. When I go out privately I usually use a bit of mascara and sometimes a bit eye liner and lip gloss. But especially the feeling of foundation on my skin makes me feel really uncomfortable. I only use that kind of make up for jobs. As I have always had pretty thin and light eye brows, I have been thinking about eye brow tattoos for a while. Considering that as a scuba instructor and professional mermaid I’m in the water very often, getting my eye brows tattooed just made sense to me. I chose to get my semi permanent mermaid make up done at Luxe Ink in Perth. Aurelien is an artist from France with a passion for detailed quality work. He is specialized in natural looking eye brow tattoos and is just starting his business here in Perth. At first I was a bit surprised to find a man doing my mermaid make up, but no woman could have done a better job.

Perth permanent make up for mermaids

Eyebrow feathering is a method that creates ultra fine hair like strokes to create eyebrows with a very natural appearance. He customized the color based on my skin tone to create the perfect natural look. Then he started the microblading procedure. Therefore he used an instrument that looked like a little razor blade but was actually a line of little needles connected to each other. Getting my mermaid make up done was a bit more uncomfortable than eyebrow threading. Aurelien was very kind and applied numbing crème regularly, which helped to make the procedure more comfortable. After about one hour my new look was finished. My eye brows look super realistic and I’m very happy with the natural result. My new mermaid look will stay between 18 months and 3 years before it needs to be freshened up. I tested my semi permanent mermaid make up at my current trip to Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. In then days of diving and photo shoots underwater, my eyebrows always looked perfect.

If you are a Perth based mermaid and am looking for a natural and long staying mermaid look, get your make over at Luxe Ink. I can highly recommend this Perth based beauty company to create a long lasing mermaid make up for you.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat