Real Mermaid on Asian Cruise Liner in Hong Kong

Real Mermaid on Asian Cruise Liner

Mermaid Kat will be performing on Asian Cruise Liner “Genting Dream” from 22nd until 27th January 2017. Join Asia’s first luxury cruise liner and be enchanted on a beautiful trip from Hong Kong to Vietnam. The real mermaid will be present on the Asian Cruise Liner “Genting Dream” in January 2017. For 5 days she will be on-board Dream Cruise’s beautiful ship and enchant the guest with her mermaid magic. Besides “Meet and Greets”, Kat will also give three presentations and furthermore teach mermaid classes for the guests on-board.

The First presentation will have the topic “A girl turns into a Mermaid – The story of Mermaid Kat”. Turning into a real life mermaid seems to be the story line of a modern fairy-tale. In the case of Mermaid Kat it is more than just a fairy tale. Find out how a girl turned into a mermaid and made it her full time profession. Learn more about how Mermaid Kat uses her mermaid personality to create awareness for our ocean environment, how she brings smiles into children’s faces and why she even swam with tiger sharks.


Professional Mermaid Kat performing onboard cruise Ship World Dream in Hong KongMonday, 23rd January 2017, 15.00-15.45 pm, Zouk Beach Club, Deck 17 AFT

The second presentation will have the topic “Become a mermaid yourself – Learn how to move like a mermaid”. Becoming a real life mermaid is the dream of many girls and women. And even boys and men might hope to turn into a mystical sea creature one day too. Professional Mermaid Kat will bring you one step closer to that dream. Learn how to become an ambassador of the ocean and how to move underwater like a real life mermaid or merman.


Thursday, 26th January 2017, 11.00-11.45 pm, Zouk Beach Club, Deck 17 AFT

Kat’s third mermaid talk will have the topic “Become a mermaid yourself – Learn how to breathe like a mermaid”. Mermaids can stay underwater much longer than humans. The sea mammals, that are still half human, use special breathing techniques. Mermaid Kat teaches you relaxation and breathing techniques to stay underwater longer than you would have ever imagined. Connect with your inner sea creature, gain new experiences and understand the importance of our ocean environment.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 15.00-15.45 pm, Zouk Beach Club, Deck 17 AFT

Besides the talks, Mermaid Kat will also teach mermaid classes on the Asian Cruise Liner. The guests have the option to book a mermaid course for an additional cost of HKD220 per person for 45 min. Cruise guests who can’t swim can meet the real mermaid during several meet and greets on-board the Asian Cruise Liner. See and touch a real mermaid’s tail.

If you want to see a real mermaid on this Aisian Cruise Liner, place your booking at Dream Cruise. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


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