It is so exciting to see how the mermaid community around the world is growing and how many new amazing mermaid pop up constantly. I started mermaiding in 2012 and back then there were a few professional mermaids around but the merfolk was still pretty limited. Not many people have heard of or seen any mermaid performers back then. But in the past few years our world became so much more magical through countless new mermaids and mermen around the world. Some are kid’s entertainers, others environmentalists, some perform in underwater tanks, some work as underwater models, others teach mermaid courses in mermaid schools and much more. There are so many incredible mermaids and mermen out there and regularly I see new of them entering the mermaid world. In this blog article I would like to introduce you to some mermaids from different countries.

Mermaid Francesca in her silicone tail from Mermaid Kat Shop

Sirena Francesca

Francesca Magnone is a biologist with a specialization on marine life. She is also a diving instructor and mermaid instructor. Sirena Francesca is a mermaid based in Italy. She runs Italy’s first mermaid school, “La Casa delle Sirene”. In her mermaid school she offers mermaid courses and kid’s mermaid parties such as birthday parties. The students can choose between a big selection of different mermaid courses. Mermaid introduction courses, mermaid eco courses or mermaid freediving courses are just a few of the different mermaiding courses her mermaid school offers.

Courney is one of Canadas amazing mermaids

Vancouver Mermaid

Mermaid Courtney is one of Canada’s amazing mermaids. We met in August 2011 at the Mercon in Las Vegas. I wasn’t a real mermaid back then but I was on my way to become one. I was excited to experience the mermaid world and get some inspirations for my own mermaid future. I was completely new to the mermaid world and also a bit shy because I didn’t feel confident to speak in English at that time. I met Courtney as one of the first mermaids and was fascinated by her enthusiasm about the big mermaid meet up. We stuck together for most of that day and spend some lovely time together. Now the Vancouver Mermaid offers online mermaid classes for everyone who wants to become a mermaid or even do mermaiding as a job. I think that’s a wonderful way to introduce more people to the magical mermaid world.

Mermaid Malena

Mermaid Malena 

Malena is an American mermaid. She has been a mermaid for many years and has done a lot of different mermaid work. She performs in underwater shows and is a team member of the Mermaid Portfolio Workshop. She has also done some stunning underwater photos. I met Malena at the Mercon in Las Vegas in 2011, where I also met Mermaid Courtney. Malena was sitting there in her beautiful silicone tail and was super friendly and gave me a lot of tips on my way of becoming a mermaid. I hope that one day we can actually have swim together in the open ocean.

Amazing mermaids around the world

Halifax Mermaid

Mermaid Raina is another mermaid from Canada. Unfortunately we have never met in person but with excitement I’m following her mermaid adventures on social media. Raina hosts mermaid parties and teaches mermaid classes. She also performs at events and even wrote a book about working as a professional mermaid. If you want to become a professional mermaid her book “Fishy Business” will give you lots of helpful tips.

Perth Mermaids are friends with Mermaid Kat

Perth Mermaids

The Perth Mermaids are two best friends from Western Australia. I met Jessica Pearl and Amelia the first time in 2015 when I went to Perth. We had a little mermaid get together at the beach and lots of fun during a little mermaid photo session. A while later I moved to Perth myself where I now teach mermaid classes and entertain at birthday parties and public events. Amelia and Jessica are known for their beach surprises, mermaid parties and underwater shows. As all of us are busy unfortunately we can’t catch up as often as we would like to but we are always happy when we do find some time for a short swim together.

Mermaid Claire from France

Mermaid Claire 

Claire is a mermaid from France. With her light blond her she reminds me of the famous “Splash” mermaid Daryl Hannah. Claire is a great underwater artist and performs regularly in underwater shows. She is a pretty mermaid and creates unique looks on her mermaid photo shoots. Even though France is right next to Germany we never managed to catch up yet but I hope one day these two European mermaids make it happen to swim together.

Mermaid Lorena in her silicone tail from Mermaid Kat Shop

Mermaid Lorena 

Mermaid Lorena is a mermaid based in Switzerland. When I see photos of her I always think she is from Italy or Spain as she has a beautiful Mediterranean look. Lorena teaches mermaid courses in Switzerland and posts new mermaid photos on her social media regularly. I love watching her work and am always looking forward to seeing what she is up to next.

Mermaid Sonja in her silicone mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop

Mermaid Sonja

Mermaid Sonja is a mermaid from Lübeck, which is a city in the North of Germany. Sonja is a freediver and regularly hosts mermaid classes in Germany. She has a German mermaid blog on Youtube which is pretty successful. I had the pleasure to meet Sonja in summer 2015 when she came around the Mermaid Kat Shop to order her silicone mermaid tail. She spoke with Monika from the shop team when I walked through the door. Sonja did not expect to meet me in person on that day but when she saw me she got tears in her eyes of joy. I thought that was very sweet. Sonja is a great personality and I love watching Sonja’s mermaid videos on Youtube.

Mermaid Marla

Mermaid Marla

Mermaid Marla is an American mermaid who I have been following on social media since I heard about professional mermaids the first time. Marla has fascinating long hair and even when she doesn’t wear her tail she looks like she belongs in the water. Marla is an entertainer and it looks like she brings lots of fun into countless events where she performs as a mermaid. I love to see her beautiful mermaid photos and news on social media.

Mermaid Odessa in her silicone tail from Mermaid Kat Shop

Mermaid Odessa

Odessa is a mermaid from the Philippines. In 2015 Odessa and I met to perform at the ADEX scuba show in Singapore. With her Asian look she makes a very pretty and exotic looking mermaid. When I watched Odessa performing in the underwater tank at the show I was very impressed by her long breath hold and great facial expressions underwater. Another thing I like about Odessa is that she is an environmentalist and uses her mermaid personality to educate the public about our oceans and the importance to protect them. Odessa also worked with Michael Aw, who I worked with on the “Facing Grace Campaign”, on a photo project to create awareness for our ocean environment.

I hope you like these ten mermaids and their beautiful work. Check them out and don’t forget to follow them in social media. As I mentioned before there are lots of mermaids and mermen out there and the mermaid community is growing every day. If you would like me to introduce more mers on my blog please feel free to send me an email with suggestions.

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