When mermaids and faeries come together something magical is going to happen. Even though mermaids and faeries are going on very well they also like to play tricks to each other. While faeries fly around the mermaids so quickly until they get dizzy, mermaids like to steal their faerie dusk 😉

On Saturday 5th November 2016 I had the pleasure to play with Faerie Cara again. Cara is the head Faerie of the Eco Fearies who are doing an amazing job in providing eco-educational entertainment.

Mermaid Kat at Derrick Ernst Neigbourhood Centre Perth
Whaleshark at Derrick Ernst Neigbourhood Centre

The Eco Faeries and Mermaid Kat have cooperated on other events before and are planning exciting projects for the future together. This time Cara and I enchanted lots of children and adults at Derrick Ernst Neighbourhood Centre Grand Opening. The Derrick Ernst Neighbourhood Centre is a not for profit Neighbourhood/ Community Centre which was established in1985. They offer occasional child care and community courses and groups for all.

The opening event of Derrick Ernst Neighborhood Centre was a wonderful event. The whole center made up very kids friendly and with lots of funny underwater characters on the wall. It is a place that mermaids love to visit during their time on land.

Absolutely stunning were the cakes and cupcakes. Killa Sweet Treats made the most amazing creations. The big highlight, next to a big underwater cake, lots of shark, sea star and mermaid cupcakes, was the big octopus cake. And believe me; the mermaid cupcakes were absolutely delicious. Definitely worth coming back on land for 😉

The whole afternoon was filled with lots of activities and fun and I’m sure everyone had an amazing time.

Mermaid cupcakes

Thank you Derrick Ernst Neighbourhood Centre for having me and Faerie Cara there on your special day.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat