How does a mermaid breathe?

People often ask me how they can turn into mermaids or mermen themselves. There is definitely more than just one way on how to become a mermaid. When I decided that I wanted to turn into a mermaid I did some internet research to get tips on how to become a mermaid. I started to take freediving classes with Richard Wonka and Sarah Whitcher from “We freedive” in Phuket, Thailand. During our first meeting I told them about my dream of becoming a real life mermaid. They told me that freediving is one of the most important things to become a mermaid. So I started my freediving training and became an AIDA ** freediver (in the meanwhile I became a PADI Freediving Instructor). As a result I learned how mermaids actually move underwater and how to hold my breath longer. I was one step closer to become a mermaid. But if you want to become a mermaid there is more to it than just being a good freediver.

Become a mermaid - Kat as a freediver
become a mermaid - Kat in her first mermaid tail

A Mermaid needs her Tail

To become a mermaid of course I needed a mermaid tail. To create my first self-made mermaid tail I got a professional freediving monofin from “Specialfins”. They designed this monofin especially for me in the shape of a dolphin fin because they knew that I wanted to become a mermaid. With this monofin I went to a tailor that usually makes wet-suits for scuba divers. Since they have never sewed a mermaid tail before I showed them example photos. The mermaid tail skin fitted perfectly but I still needed to design it. I was never really creative until I started designing mermaid tails and I didn’t know how my first mermaid tail should look like when I started. I just knew I wanted to become a mermaid with a unique tail. There are many beautiful mermaid tail designs out there but I didn’t think it would be fair to copy another mermaid’s design. I decided that my first mermaid tail should be red and black. I started painting the tail with latex colour and after a while my first self-made mermaid tail was finished.

Looking good Underwater

With the freediving training and my own tail I got much closer to become a mermaid. But in addition to that I also wanted to look good underwater and be able to pose for photo and video shoots. So I practiced my underwater modeling skills. Because I have been working as a fashion model and scuba instructor this part was very easy for me. It is fascinating to see the difference in the videos from when I just became a mermaid and now. Every time I’m underwater I’m getting better and I’m sure that I’ll never stop learning new things. After taking my first underwater photos in my tail I finally felt like a real mermaid.

Become a mermaid - Underwater Mermaid Model Kat
Become a mermaid in Kats mermaid academy

Visit a Mermaid School

To become a mermaid turned one of my biggest dreams into reality. But I know that I wasn’t the only girl who dreamed about turning into a mermaid. That’s why I decided to help others. In August 2012 I opened my mermaid academy in Phuket, Thailand. That was the first time that I helped others on how to become a mermaid. My mermaid school idea turned out to be pretty successful and I loved to make dreams come true. Since then I taught mermaid courses in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt and Scotland. Now the main base of the Mermaid Kat Academy is in Germany. There my six wonderful mermaid instructors make new mermaids nonstop. In January 2016 I opened another branch of my mermaid school in Perth, Australia. If you want to become a mermaid yourself, why don’t you join my mermaid courses?

Professional Mermaid Tails for Sale

If you’re too far away to join a class I still think I can help you to become a mermaid. Have a look at my mermaid shop where I sell mermaid tails for children and adults. My team and I have worked and designed on a mermaid tail design that is effective and safe. Compared to most other fabric mermaid tails, all our tails include a real freediving monofin. This monofin is the best monofin included in any fabric mermaid tails on the market. If you want to start a mermaid career I can recommend a silicone mermaid tail for you. Check out the different designs at Mermaid Kat Shop.

Become a mermaid with mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop

What type of training and tail you need also depends on what type of mermaid you want to be. Do you want to do mermaiding as a hobby or work as a professional mermaid? Do you want to work as an entertainer, mermaid model or underwater show artist? All these things require different training and different equipment. If you want to become an underwater mermaid model check out my underwater modeling tips. I hope you found some information here that can help you to become a mermaid. Good luck and much joy on your journey and maybe one day we’ll swim together.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat