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Welcome to the official website of Mermaid Kat. Find the latest news concerning one of the leading professional mermaids in the world. See her underwater mermaid photos and watch her stunning underwater mermaid videos swimming alongside sea creatures like manta rays, dolphins and tiger sharks.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from Mermaid Kat

Some Facts About Mermaid Kat

The hard Training, Qualifications and Experiences of Mermaid Kat make her to one of the most successful professional mermaids in the world.

Working for International Clients

Mermaid Kat is based in Perth, Western Australia. As a German passport holder she is ready to travel worldwide for international underwater productions.

Visit the Mermaid Kat Shop

In April 2013 Mermaid Kat opened her own online mermaid shop. In the Mermaid Kat Shop she sells professional and highly functional mermaid tails for children and adults.

Miss Germany International

Before Mermaid Kat turned into a real life mermaid she worked as an international fashion model. She was crowned “Miss Germany International 2006” and “Queen of the World Germany 2007”.

First Mermaid Swimming with Tiger Sharks

For the international anti shark finning campaign “Facing Grace” by Ocean Geograhic, Mermaid Kat swam with wild tiger sharks.

Qualifications and Training

Mermaid Kat is a fully qualified and certified PADI Scuba and Freediving Instructor with many years of experience.

International Mermaid School

In August 2012 Mermaid Kat opened the world’s first public mermaid school. Now the Mermaid Kat Academy has branches in Germany and Perth, Western Australia.

There is more of Mermaid Kat


See the publications of Mermaid Kat as a fashion model, professional mermaid and underwater stunt woman.

Mermaid Videos

Watch some amazing videos of Mermaid Kat swimming in the ocean with manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and even tiger sharks.

Fashion Model


The international media regularly reports about the interesting work of Mermaid Kat. Check out a selection of the latest newspaper articles.

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Please note: As an environmentalist and ocean activist Mermaid Kat is not to hire for any work that supports or promotes animals living in captivity, hurting or killing animals or destroying the environment. Aquarium swims or similar jobs are only able if the event promotes a specific environmental cause.

Price quotes are given to the client per inquiry. Details such as location, set times, travel time, and services required will determine the total cost. Hotel and airfare must be paid for by client. Charity, school, fundraisers, environmental causes and other nonprofit companies may be eligible for discount services. Prices may vary depending on availability during high seasons and specific contract negotiations.

For underwater productions Mermaid Kat travels with her own safety diver who’s expenses must be covered by the client. For any jobs overseas Mermaid Kat takes her own personal assistant who’s expenses must be covered by the client.